Rocky Mount moves to new online system for job applications

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Rocky Mount will launch a new software system to improve the hiring process for job seekers. Starting Oct. 1, applicants can apply online or sign up for new openings that become available via

Rocky Mount has partnered with NEOGOV, the nation’s largest cloud software for Human Resources in government and education. Managers can access online records to expedite hiring and provide greater 

“The new system is designed to help the city meet both state and federal requirements by providing a central repository of data used in governmental reporting while also enhancing the job seekers’ experience,” recruiter Elaine Harrison said.

NEOGOV streamlines the job search and application process for job seekers. Instead of applying for multiple job openings at once, candidates can submit multiple applications

electronically. The new system also allows hiring managers to more effectively create minimum qualifications to sort through a pool of applicants. With the new system, administrative work and technical maintenance costs are reduced as this workload is handled by the NEOGOV system.

“We look forward to saving more time and money for the personnel managers and make job searches easier for everyone,” says NEOGOV’s CEO, Damir Davidovic. “NEOGOV solutions will facilitate another strong and effective workforce.”

The City of Rocky Mount now joins over 1000 organizations across the nation which have moved into cutting edge online technology for personnel management.

For more information on NEOGOV, contact HR at 252-972-1186.