Guest speaker, Doug Riddell and his wife, Sandy preparing slides for the pictorial presentation.
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Guest speaker, Doug Riddell and his wife, Sandy preparing slides for the pictorial presentation.

Museum hosts annual banquet and auction

By Joyce Edwards Dantzler

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“All Aboard” was the shout that was heard at The Rocky Mount Railroad Museum’s Annual Banquet and Auction on Saturday evening at The Hunter Hill Café in Rocky Mount.

The meet and greet session was full of friendly chatter and introductions as the guests introduced themselves to the guest speaker, members of the museum and each other. They browsed over the auction items making mental notes of what most appealed to them. They were ready to begin.

The auction items consisted of spa treatments, chiropractic treatments, pet grooming, museum visits, mini-rail pleasure trips, fire extinguishers, model trucks and cars, miscellaneous home and personal items, fine dining for two at local restaurants, train sets-prints-artifacts and autographed books on trains by the speaker of the evening, Doug Riddell, of Ashland, Va.

Riddell autographed his Foreword in two book copies of “Faces of Railroading” by Carl Swanson.

The books were very favorably auctioned off for the museum. The auction was conducted by John Tugwell of Tugwell Auction and Realty, who wowed the crowd with his rapid fire enticements of the auction items and his wonderful sense of humor. Everyone was entertained even if they chose not to bid on anything.

A delicious and filling meal was prepared by The Hunter Hill Café staff and enjoyed by all after the auction.

Riddell’s pictorial presentation, after the meal, contained such structures as the old Atlantic Coast Line water towers, the Emerson Shops, the steam and diesel engines repair shop, the Ricks Hotel, the engineer training classroom, which was a converted passenger car with rows of desks along both sides of the inside walls, the South Rocky Mount Shop where hundreds of train cars and engines were once parked before everything was transferred from Rocky Mount, and several pictures of former engineers, firemen and railroad employees.

The Rocky Mount Railroad Museum continues to strive towards the goal of its mission statement which is: To educate, inform, entertain, and celebrate the rich history and impact that railroads have had on our city, state, country, and personal lives. The accomplishment of this goal, particularly for Rocky Mount and the surrounding counties will require a commitment of talents, time and the financial support of interested citizens, businesses and corporations. This commitment should be most evident in those who work, have worked, or had relatives who worked for the railroads.

Come and become a contributing member of The Rocky Mount Railroad Museum and an architect of one of North Carolina’s up and coming supreme attractions on the east coast strategically located along the North to South Interstate 95 and East to West North Carolina 64 corridors.