Phillips Middle School students recently conducted a book drive for My SisterХs House.

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Phillips Middle School students recently conducted a book drive for My SisterХs House.

Middle school students collect books for My Sister's House

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Students at Phillips Middle School participated in a book drive to promote literacy throughout the school.

The students collected new and gently used books and donated them to My Sister’s House, a center for women who have experienced domestic violence and their children. They chose to give the books to My Sister’s House as part of a learning project geared towards recognizing service to others. Thesbooks were given to be placed in the children’s library for the clients to enjoy.

“Because we love to read, we thought it would be a good idea to give books to a local charity,” said Shawndrea Gunter, an eighth-grader at Phillips Middle. “The whole idea is that we hope we can inspire others to love to read, too.

“After you have read a good book, then I think it’s a good idea to pass it along to let someone enjoy the same reading experience you enjoyed.”

For eighth-grader Chynautika Condery, the most exciting portion of the book drive was decorating the collection boxes.

“We came up with phrases to encourage other students to read and to donate books for the cause,” Condery said. “I decorated a box and created the phrase ‘Get Hooked on Reading.”

Eighth-grader Alisha Thompson was able to use her creative ability during the book drive.

“My favorite author is Jenny B. Jones,” she said. “I was able to design my own book because I imagined that I was Jenny B. Jones.”

Although the eighth-grade students spearheaded the drive, the entire school participated in it.

“The eighth-graders took the lead in encouraging their peers to read by telling other students the importance of reading,” said Angela Jones, counselor at Phillips Middle School. “Because reading is one of the key elements to success, I was proud to see the students motivating one another to read. This is a wonderful way to celebrate literacy.”