Cody High, WW4! instructor, teaches a ninth grade class.

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Cody High, WW4! instructor, teaches a ninth grade class.

Mentoring is a high priority for Worth Waiting 4!

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“Why can’t we have this club every day?”

This is just one of many comments from participants in the Independent Girls Club, a mentor program available to all middle schools in Nash-Rocky Mount Pubic Schools. The Pregnancy Care Center has been providing this program for the past three years and students, as well as faculty and administrators, have praised it.

A 12-year-old said this about her IGC club: “This club is making a positive impact in my life, because I can see changes happening in me and so can others.”

The club takes prevention education to the next level by assisting and teaching young girls in setting positive goals and standards, therefore decreasing the chance of poor decision making. The program length is 12 weeks, the repetitive messages promoting healthy lifestyle choices, as well as the development of a relationship between the club members and their mentors is the key to affecting change in the lives of each student involved.

“IGC is the heartbeat and great joy of my work,” said Monica Weeks, Worth Waiting 4! Director. “I believe that the precious time of investing in these girls now is so tremendous that it’s helpful to stop and consider the long-term effect of this investment.”

The success and effectiveness of IGC has prompted the Pregnancy Care Center to expand the program to include middle school boys.

Cody High, Worth Waiting 4!’s male instructor, will be piloting The Independent Guys Club during the 2013 spring semester at Red Oak Middle School. High, acting as the group facilitator, is excited about the immediate impact the program will have on the seventh grade males in the program. The weekly Independent Guys Club sessions will outline and discuss topics such as communication, self-awareness, male leadership, respecting the opposite sex and much more.

“These are the most formative years of their lives,” High said. “Our investment right now is key as these young men learn to make valuable decisions regarding their personal growth.”

“Imagine young males and females from the Rocky Mount area energized about seeing mature personal development and the social impact of becoming positive peers in their schools,” said Weeks. “This will have tremendous influence on their families, peers, classrooms, and ultimately our community.”

The Independent Guys Club and Independent Girls Club are two of the six Worth Waiting 4! programs sponsored by the Pregnancy Care Center. The WW4! program evokes application by teaching practical life skills and helps students better understand that the choices they make direct their course of life. Our mission is to motivate, educate and support generations of young people to embrace a lifestyle of sexual abstinence until marriage. In 2012, WW4! reached over 4,000 students with a strong, achievable message of abstinence.