Harrison Family YMCA upgrades spin cycles

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The Harrison Family YMCA has upgraded its spin cycles in the Wellness area with 25 new Keiser M3 Plus cycles.

The M3 Plus is the newest Keiser on the market and is designed to be easy to use – just get on and ride. The design minimizes shock to the system and provides an exceptionaly smooth ride.

The digital display enables the user to monitor progress in real-time for an effective workout that yields more results in less time.

Amy Morris, Wellness Coordinator for the Harrison Family YMCA, said, “As the only YMCA in the area to have Keiser M3 Plus, we are able to offer our members the opportunity to experience the latest in cycle technology.

Cycle classes provide great cardio benefits for everyone, whether they work out regularly or they are just beginning a fitness program. I am very excited about the opportunity to take our Cycle classes to the next level and I encourage everyone to come out and give them a try.”

This state-of the-art cycle is fully adjustable for maximum comfort. The display of the Keiser M3 Plus features RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), Power Output Displays in Watts (currently generating), Heart Rate (Polar compatible), Pedaling Time, Gear (Resistance) (one to 24 gears) and an Odometer/Trip Distance readout. It also features a resistance system that doesn’t wear, making it virtually maintenance free.

Many of our spin instructors are excited about these bikes and the classes the Y provides in general. Below are a few of their testimonials.

Gloria Lewis

Lewis is one of the newest cycling instructors. She has been racing for over 15 years and has done team races with the Cape Fear Sorba Team, 12-hour endurance races and 16-mile mountain bike races from the coast to the mountains in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Gloria is a native of Raleigh and attended East Carolina University. She played soccer in high school and college. She is married to David Lewis and they have two boys, Christopher and Benjamin. She previously worked for Stock Building Supply as a millwork designer. When Benjamin was born, she decided to devote her time as a stay at home mom. The Y is happy to have her as part of the Y family! “I love the new bikes and they make our classes even more exciting!”

Dr. Haywood Parker

“All of my life I have been teaching in some capacity and actually have a doctorate degree in Adult Education. Teaching is a real passion for me and the opportunity to merge my passion for teaching with my passion for fitness is a marriage made in heaven. I have been teaching fitness for approximately 18 years and have been certified to teach cycle for approximately three years. I am currently certified to teach cycle through NETA. In addition to cycling, I also teach step aerobics, body sculpting and power sculpting classes, Pilates and I am certified as a Personal Trainer. Cycling is one of my most favorite classes to teach because first, I am a cycling enthusiast and second I love the joy of challenging those who attend class to maximize their ride in a way that allows them to feel that they received a great workout and that they are meeting their fitness goals. The new bikes have certainly enhanced the motivation of those taking cycle classes because they feel that the Y values the cycling classes enough to invest money into these. They feel safe on the new bikes and that the new bikes are more informative because they are technologically driven. I personally appreciate the opportunity to serve at the Y because I have met so many people who authentically appreciate us as instructors investing in their lives to improve their fitness. The Y provides a great social context for encouragement those who, like me, do not like to work out alone. They draw from the strength and the ambiance of the classes.”

Mary Whitwell

“From a Cornell educated veterinarian to a homemaker, and then a fitness instructor, life has been a journey. It makes me wonder what might be next. Plucked from a cycling class in New York to teach there, my love of riding took me out to the road, then to triathlons, and my cycle instruction carries with it my desire to see folks ride a “real” bike in our natural world. That said, our new Keiser bikes are about as close as you can get, with readouts for the number crunchers that can be ignored by those who simply want to sweat. And they are QUIET … heavenly. Every class is different, every class is a challenge, every class can reinforce for you why being healthy and fit can be so much fun.”

Ruth Brantly

“I am a certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Teaching for the ‘Y’ has been my personal hobby for about 20 plus years. Teaching step, kick box, power sculpt and cycle classes are my way of giving to the community. Our “Y” offers a lot of different fitness classes to fit everyone’s level of fitness. Group cycling classes are one of my favorite activities and our new cycles have taken cycling to the next level!”

Tammy Hawkins

National Certified Personal Trainer through NETA and CPR Certified. “I’ve been an Instructor for the YMCA since 2007. I’ve instructed a variety of class, such as Cardio Kick Boxing, Body Sculpting, Step, and Personal Training and Cycle classes. I have instructed many off-site classes for area business. An avid runner and loyal employee to the YMCA Wellness Department. I’m currently a Wednesday morning 5:30 am Cycle instructor. My class is fun, intense and a guaranteed EXTREME workout! I love working for the Y, the facility is state of the art, with a friendly warm atmosphere and I have the greatest set of instructors and staff to work with; we’re like one big happy family and always give our very BEST efforts to our members. When you join the Y, you don’t just join a membership, but an extended fitness family!”

For more information about YMCA Cycle classes, contact the Welness Department at (252) 972-9622 or visit www.harrisonfamilyy.org. The Harrison Family YMCA is located at 1000 Independence Drive in Rocky Mount and is open Monday-Friday from 5 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday from 1-5 p.m.