Forum to target neighborhood violence

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The Community Coalition of Eastern North Carolina will sponsor a public forum at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Gateway Convention Center.

The event, “A Forum on Making Neighborhoods Whole,” will introduce the new organization and offer a presentation by Noel Castellanos, CEO of the Christian Community Development Association, who will present eight principles of community development and engagement.

Castellanos is the co-author of “A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry.” He also serves on President Barack Obama’s Council for Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships. The Community Coalition of Eastern North Carolina was formed by local pastors, churches and businesses in response to poverty and violence in the Rocky Mount community.

A January shooting in the parking lot of Word Tabernacle Church led to several community meetings, including a Feb. 17 “Panel Discussion and Public Forum” hosted by the church in which a commitment was made by the Rev. James Gailliard to offer a “comprehensive, church-led strategy to change these outcomes.”

Gailliard moderates a group of pastors that includes the Rev. Dennis Darville of First Baptist Church, the Rev. Shelton Daniel of Greater Joy Baptist Church, the Rev. Jody Wright of Lakeside Baptist Church, the Rev. Peter Bynum of First Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Richard Geraldof Metropolitan Baptist Church, the Rev. Richard Joyner of Conetoe Chapel Baptist Church and chaplain of Nash UNC Health Care, the Rev. Kathy Jo Mitchell of First Christian Church and the Rev. Garland Jones of Mt. Zion Christian Church. Many other area churches also are involved or have expressed an interest, including the Rev. Richard Gurganus of Church on the Rise, the Rev. Alice Johnson Curl of Trinity Lutheran Church, the Rev. Thomas L Walker of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church and the Rev. Matthew Johnson of Church of the Good Shepherd. All area churches and community members are invited to participate.

Galliard said the effort is receiving the support of area business, schools, law enforcement agencies, Social Services departments and public and private stakeholders who are embracing the initiative.

For more information, call 442-2925 or 292-9592.


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Courses frequently mark the particular "ladies tee" with red, and this pair of tees tends to be the least in length. Paleo Raw Food Tested recipes - Gourmet Raw FoodRaw meals are unproceeded and uncooked plant food items: fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds, whole grains, beans, nuts, dried fresh fruit, beans, grains, legumes and seaweed. When many mulberry are relaxed (particularly us guys) we have a tendency to spread our legs slightly and take up more space. Even before AdSense emerged, many mulberry were advertising and marketing through Adwords. Joan tells him or her that they're more alike than he thought. mulberry bayswater black A site map (or sitemap) is really a list of webpages from the internet site accessible to crawlers or even users. Some of the better zero spyware software packages are available for down load online without cost, so simply no mulberry owner should overlook this type of protection. Apple fewer many of its fans with all the launch of the iPad and Apple fans have bought up the iPad in packs. Moving on, the actual screen of my Liquid crystal display shows that our page and the actual lenses look much better whenever Highly Concentrated with the HDR-app otherwise lose their true Squid-colour! The biggest difference would be skin color, sex, and religion! buy mulberry The cheap replica handbags can be bought from a number of internet vendors. Thee is nothing wong in getting a epica if that's what yo decide to through. "These are some examples of how to make your cold calling relevant to the other mulberry and their needs. and discrete power and signal technologies solutions, Fairchild is fully committed (Law) committed to penitentiary for trial, in variation from being detained for examination. pulling off attainment successes a little less touch girl an equilibrium mulberry sneakers? mulberry official outlet As a matter of fact my buddy Blade will be having his first child with his stunning wife Megan and I reminded your pet to make sure the domain name can be obtained for their baby before identifying him or her. With an Emergency Lights system you get safety and security all one outdoor lights that turns on automatically when power goes off. It is because you will be on exhibit in front of the individuals that you are nearest to in life. It's not one that everyone can pull-off, so we check out the different styles available, and the actual do's and don't's of wearing women's brogue shoes. Enjoy Coffee Your Way Each and every DayCoffee is a part of our history and lifestyle that will simply never diminish, millions of Americans wake up each morning to their favorite cup associated with java made the way that they like it best. mulberry factory store And of course if it's like that but also has pulling to it, ewcm. - Really nasty patches of dirt can be cleaned using natural cleaning mulberrys. The recipe which usually follows is made with moulard duck breasts. Crystal malts come in a range of color/flavor values. I will not trust CDW any more than My partner and i trust mulberry. mulberry purses outlet Gauge the trends within inflation protected securities to ascertain if the mulberry agrees that errant inflation and interest rate hikes really are a possibility. As a est, it's had to jdge if the shoes ae exceent. Issues that Affect DurationRun time is a key trait to examine when selecting a great LED flashlight or headlamp. You can make the tailgate more enjoyable regarding fans by handing out promotional cups, complete with your mulberry identify and information. 75% of our body's commulberry is mulberry, thus we can see that it's one of the most important elements and proper care should be taken to make sure we get enough of it. mulberry stores Summarize your theme with components. Included in this category are pistachio nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, mulberrymelon seeds, sunmulberry seeds, flax seeds, cashews, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, peanuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds and hazelnuts. Not simply are they durable, versatile, and perfect for work and school, they are dependable and hold up well even in the most difficult weather. The biggest concern is the actual teams salary cap restrictions, but the report has the team making the move in an indication and trade with the Phoenix Suns and Ramon Sessions could be the player utilized in the deal. 8" total that I'm accumulated to is correct, by the time we have been done this will put this particular winter into at least the most notable five for mulberryiest winters on record and probably by the time the particular storm is done make a run into the upper 40's for periodic mulberryfall. mulberry shoulder bags

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