Dorothy Davis retired after 20 years at the Edgecombe County Health Department.

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Dorothy Davis retired after 20 years at the Edgecombe County Health Department.

Davis retires after 35 years of public service

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Dorothy Davis recently retired after working for 20 years as a social worker at the Edgecombe County Health Department.

She had worked at Social Services for three years as a Medicaid worker and at N.E.E.D. for 12 years as a community service epecialist for a total of 35 years in public employment. This employment gave her the opportunity to work with families, children and organizations all over Edgecombe County.

Now she says is a time for peaceful retirement, wonderful reflection and to start a new chapter, and she feels good about it. Starting with the East Tarboro Citizen League membership and involving herself in other volunteer organizations, she was able to find employment with N.E.E.D. She coordinated rural community groups at Red Hill, Battleboro, Leggett, Speed, Lawrence, Pinetops and Dunbar, where she assisted community leaders to set up a women’s softball league, daycare centers, senior feeding sites, a yearly community banquet and helped families in jobs, housing, referral and basic need information.

She had a chance as a child service coordinator and care coordinator to touch many lives for families and children coordinating services for children from birth to are 5 at the Edgecombe County Health Department. The contact with so many organizations: Down East Partnership for Children, Headstart, school systems, hospitals, WIC, Child Health, Children Development Service Center and the many agencies that assist children provided wonderful resources to help families.

She had the opportunity to serve on many boards and committees including the Board of Education, Human Relation State Credit Union, founding member of the Community Enrichment Organization, Tarboro Adult Activity Center and chairwoman of the Hobgood Citizen Group Inc.

Her olunteer activities also included setting up a center at the library of Dr. Moses Ray memorabilia, a coordinated project to save his plaques, pictures and certificates at the Ray Center and co-nominating him and George Higgs for the Twin Counties Hall of Fame.

A recipient of many awards, including N.E.E.D. Parent of the Year, Health Department Employee of the Year, University of North Carolina Early Education Fellow, Downeast Partnership Community Fellow, nominated care coordinator of the state, she says her greatest award when parents tell her about the progress their child received from her support and information work or a community member discuss the happiness with the many community projects she was involved in.

A graduate of Edgecombe Community College and Shaw University she says she looks forward now to rest, time with family and friends, Bible study, learning the computer, travel and volunteering with families and the community.

“Retirement is usually a time when people are reordering their lives to do less. But the Dorothy Davis I know will use her retirement to add value to her community,” said Doris Stith, director of the Community Enrichment Organization. “Her mantra has been to help others. She will use all the skills acquired through her jobs to improve the lives of the citizens of Edgecombe and Halifax counties. Community organizations will benefit. Retirees are a true benefit to community organizations.” –