2011 Cadillac Escalade Platinum. X11CA_ES013 (06/09/2010)  (United States)
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2011 Cadillac Escalade Platinum. X11CA_ES013 (06/09/2010) (United States)

The Escalade is Move-in Ready

By Jenny White

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I had to remind myself that I was reviewing the Escalade for an auto review story, not a real estate story.

I was ready to move in.

It was like sitting in my living room, but with better audio/visuals, more cabinet space and nicer seating.

You can power-adjust your front seats in 14 different ways and heat or cool your back with the seat back temperature controls. Second row seats are heated but not cooled.

Seats are totally worthy of being in such an expensive vehicle — they are unbelievably comfortable. The leather is upscale quality and one seat probably has the amount of cushioning and bolstering you’d find in all the seats in a Lincoln Navigator.

Inside the Platinum trim Escalade ESV that I test drove, you’ll find the most up-to-date electronics, navigation and safety gadgets available.

I introduced my 2-year-old Emmy to rear-entertainment DVD watching in the Escalade and she had FIVE screens to choose from.

The second row captain seats were easily manipulated and made egress easy.

Other reasons to love the interior of the Escalade include, tri-zone automatic climate control, large moon roof, rear sound audio controls and air bags in every possible location.

The exterior is a little dated, but I like it. It’s pure Caddy — big, shiny and ostentatious.

If you’re going simply for size, the Escalade doesn’t win.

A Chevy Tahoe or Ford Expedition offers more room and towing capability.

A Lincoln Navigator offers more interior space.

The Escalade is all about pure, unadulterated luxury and finesse.

And having a lot of disposable income.

The base price for an ESV Platinum trim Escalade will cost $87,345 and my test model topped out at $88,295.

Even my toddler knew the Escalade was something special.

“Where’s our car?” she exclaimed stopping short in the driveway the morning after the Escalade had moved on to another journalist.

“We’ve got this car now,” I explained pointing to the GMC Terrain waiting for a test drive.

“No, I want the other car,” she insisted.

It wasn’t a quiet ride.