Jackie Green shops Thursday at Sharpsburg Grocery. Opened eight months ago, the supermarket touts its personal service and low prices.

Telegram photo / Alan Campbell

Jackie Green shops Thursday at Sharpsburg Grocery. Opened eight months ago, the supermarket touts its personal service and low prices.

New grocery serves Sharpsburg

By John Henderson

Staff Writer

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Sharpsburg Grocery is a community store where employees get to know customers by their first names, manager Sanjeev Kumar said.

The family owned store at 4240 S. Hathaway Blvd. opened only eight months ago, but has a strong following of loyal customers, he said.

“We provide more of a personal kind of service where you are right there in your local store, and we know mostly everybody in the town, and mostly by their names,” he said.

Owner Hari Singh opened the store, which has 10,000 square feet of space. Seven years ago, he bought Macclesfield Grocery Store, which had been in business for 30 years. Singh moved to the area from New York.

Kumar said people would be surprised at the deals the store offers.

“Most of the time people don’t have time to check the prices,” he said.

Shoppers often go to a store such as Walmart for groceries without even looking closely at prices, Kumar said. Instead, he would like for them to take the time to check his store’s prices.

“Back in the day, people used to check prices and shop around,” Kumar said. “Now, life is so fast. People want to buy stuff and have no time. That is why Walmart is so popular. Customers go in and think everything is cheap and don’t look at the prices. They just fill up their cart and go home.”

One example is bundled meat deals highlighted on the store’s website. One $49.99 bundle includes 5 pounds of pork chops, hamburger meat, sliced bacon, split fryer breasts and 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters. Another bundle for $74.99 includes 10 pounds of pork chops, five pounds of hamburger, sliced bacon, split fryer breasts, and 10 pounds of turkey wings, pork neckbones and fryer leg quarters.

“We offer speciality meat deals to help our community,” Kumar said. “We have meat bundles, just like Scruggs Poultry used to do. You get a better deal if buy in bulk. You can save about 50 percent on pork, beef, chicken, sausage.”

Many items sold in Sharpsburg Grocery are made or grown in North Carolina.

“We have local squash grown right here in Nash County, local corn, collard greens, cucumbers, more stuff in produce,” Kumar said. “If we’re not able to find an item local, then we order it from outside the county.”

Q: What products or services do you provide?

A: Basically, we are a grocery store. We have lottery here. We sell meat, produce and regular grocery items. We do carry a local brand, which is Our Family brand products. They have most every kind of grocery item, just like Walmart’s Great Value brand. Our Family offers bread, bolognas, meats. It is a discounted brand.

Q: Who are your key leaders?

A: Owner Hari Singh, manager Sanjeev Kumar and meat market manager Ken Boney.

Q: How many people do you employ?

A: Five.

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: It’s basically just to stay in the community, help the community out, along with giving them the best service and better prices.

Q: What makes your business unique?

A: We’ve got good service, and along with that, good prices for our stuff, really good prices.

Q: How has your business grown?

A: We’re doing really good. I remember when we first opened. We’ve improved (sales). After eight months, we’re doing fabulous.

Q: What kind of growth do you expect in the coming years?

A: We’re expecting it is going to be growing pretty fast the way we are getting results from the community and the way the prices are that we have for our products.


Great asset to the community

After the IGA closed we went without a local grocery for a long time. This is a really nice store with a lot of great deals. I hope everyone in Sharpsburg will consider shopping locally with them.

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