Al Barkley prepares an espresso for a customer Thursday at Milton & Miles.
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Al Barkley prepares an espresso for a customer Thursday at Milton & Miles.

Coffee shop looks to find niche in area


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Milton & Miles has become known in the community for offering a full espresso coffee bar, freshly made Counter Culture Coffee brand brew and fresh homemade breakfast and lunch items.

Cafe owner Bryan Rankin worked for several small independent businesses and was a freelance graphic designer before coming from Charlotte to open Milton & Miles. He said the small cafe and gourmet coffee shop is still trying to find its niche in the community since opening next to the Imperial Centre for the Arts Sciences in November 2012.

“The biggest thing for any young business in the first two years is establishing an identity,” Rankin said. “For some, we are a coffee shop, for others we are a sandwich shop, for another group, we are a place to get craft beer without having to go to Raleigh and for a few we are the caterer for their board meetings.”

Milton & Miles’ primary goal for the rest of the year is to grow its catering service, Rankin said.

“We are relaunching our catering options in the next few weeks,” he said. “We are developing options such as boxed lunches, sandwich platters and even group salads for businesses and board meetings. We have some hard working, busy customers and they deserve a great lunch at the office too.”

Rankin said Milton & Miles’ customers usually prefer getting a bite of the turkey and avocado sandwich, BLT or turkey with house cranberry sauce. But the cafe selections of cookies have become a hot item lately.

“We pride ourselves on being able to make as much in house as possible,” Rankin said. “When we can’t, we source it from someone with as much pride in their work as we have. We make the dough in house, and it is neither premade mix or premade dough.”

Rocky Mount Downtown Development Manager John Jesso, said Milton & Miles has brought a unique flair to downtown.

“Bryan and the staff have created a great culture and environment, which they served locally sourced goods with great customer service,” Jesso said.

“As a result, he has been rewarded with a very loyal following both locally and those that are coming to our great city. I’d be remiss not to mention Milton & Miles’ wine and craft beer tastings with food pairings is unmatched in Rocky Mount. Milton & Miles has been a part of fostering a positive image for our downtown and the Rocky Mount community as a whole.”


Excellent On All Fronts! - A Welcome Addition to Downtown!

Milton and Miles Owner Bryan Rankin has a great work ethic and the good taste to know what to serve. His establishment is a fitting and welcome addition to the Imperial Centre complex, complimenting the arts complex with a carefully selected menu. His selections of coffee, craft beer, and creative sandwiches are really spot on. Here's hoping Milton and Miles enjoys much continued success!

morning addiction

I agree with teacher20 Morning addiction is AWESOME!! I am a regular and love the place!! as for UrSoclever I do beleive Morning Addiction did have a story in the paper with a very nice cover shot on the special section insert...

Glad to have choice

I've lived in Rocky Mount long enough to know we should celebrate having a choice of options when it comes to where we spend our money, especially when it comes to food and coffee. I will continue to frequent Milton and Miles because I think it's great to support new businesses as they start out, even if it does take them some time to find a true niche in the market. The staff at Milton and Miles are very friendly, the food is fresher and better prepared than most other places in town, and it has a great ambience.

I am especially glad to hear about the new and improve catering options, as I frequently need access to this for business meetings with out-of-town workers who have come to Rocky Mount. I will be glad to share a taste of Rocky Mount with them!

Morning Addiction

I've had the coffee at Milton and Mills' and it was not bad, but it cannot come close to what Morning Addiction is doing. Their coffee and service is unmatched in this town. Milton & Mills' seems to have an identity crisis. They dont know what they want to do. Are they a sandwich shop, a coffee shop, or now a beer store? Sadly, if they don't decide soon they may waste away as many other local estabishments have done in this town. Either way, if you want a place that knows exactly who/what they are and want a good cup of coffee with friendly service check out Morning Addiction. In the meantime, I wish the best for Milton and Mills'.


Was this comment just a plug for Morning Addiction Coffee House? Either way, it sure sounded like it! Go get your/their own article in the Rocky Mount Telegram :)

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