State Republicans pressure N.C. Attorney General to sue over health care overhaul

By Ray Watters

Rocky Mount Telegram

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A day after 14 other states challenged the constitutionality of the health care overhaul signed by President Barack Obama, several North Carolina Republicans sought to make the Old North State the 15th to join the fight.

The Associated Press reported that North Carolina's five GOP members in the U.S. House, N.C. Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger and N.C. Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer also urged N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper to sue in an effort to block the massive health care shift.

Only one of the 14 attorneys general who have filed suit against the federal government is a Democrat – Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. Berger reportedly told Cooper on Wednesday that protecting the constitution trumps individual party preferences. Cooper is a Democrat.

So far, it seems unlikely that the legal arguments being used to fight the health care overhaul will have an effect on states that already have universal health care. That hasn't stopped some comparisons between Obama's plan and the universal health care in Massachusetts signed into law by former governor and possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

To top it all off, officials in the Obama administration have expressed their belief that the lawsuits will fail.

Tell us what you think about the health care lawsuits. And for much more on the health care overhaul, check out the special Election 2010 page at You can download the bill, look at quotes on the moment in the moment and see how the votes stacked up.

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