Ten Things

By Jenny White

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1. Eat your vegetables

I talked to this really nice guy, Andrew Strickland, last week about his CSA (community supported agriculture) business. Andrew and Rob Glover (the farmer in this endeavor) are selling locally grown veggies on a weekly basis. You sign up NOW and these guys will grow and deliver fresh veggies and some fruits for 15 weeks starting next Tuesday, May 4. Cost is $275 for a small weekly box or $400 for a large box. If you go with the smaller box, that's less than $20 a week on fresh food and if you're not already spending at least $20 a week on that, well, you need to re-evaluate your diet. They meet you at a drop-off site once a week. Your box will come chock-full of things like strawberries, cabbage, peas, lettuce, onions, broccoli, string beans, new potatoes, corn, cukes, squash, butterbeans, bell peppers, watermelons and more. For more information or to sign up for a box, call Andrew at 230-0345 or Rob at 205-4054.

2. Can you guess which sandal is from Target for $29.99 and which one is from piperlime.com for $89? I didn't think so. Click on each caption to see which is which.......

Can you tell.......

which shoe is $60 cheaper?

3. I hate having to buy bathing suits. Last year I  had to buy one on the fly at the beach and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WAS THINKING. It's horrible and now I have to go through it all again and buy one in my right mind. Here are a few I'm thinking about

I like this print - it's different from the usual navy or black I always choose. I found this on Down East basics, a new shopping site I found. This site has a few to choose from and the prices are the cheapest I've come across. This one is $32 and the bottoms are $22.

This suit is ruche-heaven, no? I like the halter-style and the v between the twins. But all that ruching seems like a lot of material to wear in 150 degree weather. And it's expensive. It's from jcrew.com and it's $115. I'll post more on my bathing suit search later....

4. My kids looked so gorgeous all dressed up this Sunday for Easter! Emmy wore a white smocked dress I got from totsy.com and Thomas wore a TIE!! And of course my camera is broken so I have no proof of their gorgeousity! You'll just have to take my word for it - they looked good and acted as sweet as they looked (for the most part). 

5. Jumpsuits and playsuites are not for grown women. Listen, I don't know when this came about exactly, but I've been noticing on some of my favorite fashion/shopping sites, there is a new category listed to browse. Usually it's called "JUMPSUITS" but also goes by the name "PLAYSUITS." DO NOT GO THERE. 

If you think you may be interested in wearing a jumpsuit, I beg you, get multiple opinions from friends who really tell you the truth. Even on the skinniest, most fit celebrities I've seen - I've not once seen a jumpsuit look less than ridiculous on a full-grown woman that wasn't living in the 1970s. See Jennifer Lopez above.

6. I also write car reviews for the Telegram and I'm going to start posting them up on this blog too. My reviews are from the point of a mom that looks for safety, value and common sense things like how hard is to change the radio controls, get the DVDs in and hook in the car seat. I get a new car every week, so I'll start posting them soon, on a weekly basis.

7. I am really liking the Real Housewives of New York, but am pretty bored with the OC ladies. Anyone else think the OC girls are hit or miss this season? 

8. I cooked some delish apple muffins this weekend and they were a big hit. I got the recipe off the Naptime Chef website. Kelsey is great and I have lots of recipes from her site. I've made these and this. Oh, and this too. I didn't want you to think all I make are sweets.

9. We're working on the next Charm magazine and planning the June 14 Charm Night Out event. Our Charm cover woman is a local mom with an amazing story of how you can get through your worst nightmare if you just take one, step at a time. And we'll have lots of spring fashion information some new beauty reviews of local services and products.

10. At this moment - what is on my Ipod - the God's honest truth: (I am actually having to stop and look this up because this is some random song I've somehow inherited from my son) "It's Goin Down" by Yung (that's how he spells his name, its not my selling mistake) Joc featuring Nitti. I can't believe how many spelling mistakes are in that previous sentence. 

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