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By Jenny White

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Naptime Chef's apple bread with cinnamon sugar topping Emmy and I made this weekend

Since I LOVE to read foodie blogs and sites, I'm going to incorporate more of that kind of stuff here, on Charm Chicks.

We hardly ever eat out at my house, so I pretty much have to prepare ALL of our food. Ken helps out a lot too, he has several dishes he's really good at and will whip something up every few weeks to add to the usual rotations I have going. (Best. Stuffed. Peppers. Ever.)

We all eat breakfast in the morning. Unless I have extra $ for coffee and a bagel at Dunkin Donuts.

And except for Emmy (who probably eats the most nutritious lunch out of all of us, at First Baptist Day Care) we all eat something from home for lunch. Unless I have extra $ money to eat out.

I am very cognizant about eating clean, organic, no-processed food. But that doesn't mean that's what we eat all the time. Mainly it means I feel bad when I bake up some Tyson chicken nuggets for dinner on a hectic night. And some nice preservative-full tater-tots.

I have found that when you plan meals ahead, you eat a lot better food.

Here's what we're having this week:

  • Monday - leftover spaghetti and meatballs from Sunday
  • Tuesday - Taco Night! (I make my own seasoning, we love Jack's Salsa from Harris Teeter and I shred REAL cheddar. Serve with organic refried beans, and regular Ortego taco shells).
  • Wednesday - Compliments of the great LOGOS chefs at FUMC
  • Thursday - Pizza night, probably from Little Caesar's because I've got a dinner-time meeting.
  • Friday - Probably fish sticks and tater tots, because I'll be gone during supper AGAIN! 
  • Saturday - something with chicken. Grilled outside if it's nice, or roasted with veggies over rice if I cook it inside.
  • Sunday - BIRTHDAY GIRL DAY! We'll be partying all day with family, so probably leftover chicken and veggies.

Wow, this was a bad week to start this. I have to desert my post two nights in a row. My kids probably will love it!

I try to get a little extra cooking done on the weekends, to last a bit through the week, like a casserole or some cookies or something for breakfast during the week.

Here are a few edible things I got done in the kitchen this weekend:

  • I'm counting the spaghetti, because that will be dinner once (tonight) and lunch for Ken and me.
  • I made this Apple Bread on Saturday morning with Emmy. I THOUGHT we could eat on it a few days during the week at breakfast, but it was gone by Sunday. This sweet bread got three thumbs up from my crew.
  • I'm trying to find a good bread to make. I used to make sourdough bread in the winter time, but I am TERRIBLE about remembering when to feed and what time of day to do it, so I'm not stuck baking bread at 6 a.m. I tried this one. It was good, but not as good as sourdough bread. I have dough for three more loaves, which will be good to cook in the next two weeks.
  • Got this cookie dough made to make cookies for Thomas' lunch this week.

Our grocery bill is not cheap. It is expensive to buy organic food or the good stuff that's not processed. I am trying to parlay my love of cooking into a second job, selling Pampered Chef products, to help with our ever-climbing grocery bill. We'll see if I can actually make money and not spend it all on cool cooking tools and stonewear.

What does your food menu look like for the week? Give me some new ideas!



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