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By Jenny White

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New Year - New Day!

Landscape by Christina Kerr

1. Happy New Year! Yesterday I organized my house (somewhat) and today I am all about organizing my office. Also - I have watched a lot of Hoarder shows in the last few weeks on A&E and I am intent on purging stuff. Nothing is safe......

2. Including my kids' rooms. I like to take advantage of when they're gone and clean out their room for them. You wouldn't believe all the junk I've thrown away and they haven't noticed a thing is missing! I make myself feel better about it by rationalizing I have to make room for all the stuff they got for Christmas. Sorry Happy Meal toys, games with missing pieces and random, headless mermaid dolls!

3. My husband cooked a great pot of black-eye peas for New Year's Day that we are still working on  - and I cooked a ham, so we are really working the leftovers this week. I'm making these yummy sandwiches tonight and a ham potpie later in the week.

4. Read "The Dry Grass of August" written by N.C. author Anna Mayhew ASAP. If you liked "The Help" as much as I did - I've been told this book is as good by my friend Jim Curtis who works at Braswell Library - he knows good books. Last time I checked they had the book at Books-A-Million. Anna Mayhew is coming to meet and greet, sign books and discuss her award-winning novel on March 1 at Braswell Memorial Library, sponsored by the Friends of the Library. I am crossing my fingers I can have the book read by the time Mayhew visits. Check out Anna Mayhew's Website here.

5. I should tell you I am a Friend of the Library - you should be too. The Friends is a non-profit entity that supports Braswell Memorial Library. The group is supported and run by volunteers who love the library. Make a donation today and join! Check out the info page here.

6. Do you have a pair of these LL Bean boots? I have wanted a pair of these boots since I was in high school and never got them. They are quite fashionable now, so if you have a pair from back in the day (the 1980s!!) get them out and keep your toesies warm! Here's a story about their comeback. Here's a link to LL Bean to buy you a pair.

7. Some fabulous after-Christmas deals out there:

Love this skirt at asos.com

It's $35 at asos.com and you can find tons of other great deals on sweaters, dresses and accessories.

J.Crew's tissue T-shirts are my favorites:

This pretty striped T-shirt is $19.99 at jcrew.com. Be sure to check out their bathing suits on sale - UNBELIEVABLE PRICES!

Now is the time to buy a new pair of boots:

Piperlime.com has some great deals on boots right now. These are only $30 here. Even cheaper, their summer sandals. Get a $90 pair of sandals for about $20. Check it out!

And I love it when I find an REALLY expensive item marked way, way down....

This mohair poncho is regularly $188 and is marked down to $50 at zara.com. Perfect for our newfound winter weather.

If you prefer shopping in person, some of our local boutiques like Stephanie's, Totally You, Abundantly More, Virginia's and Bourgeois Bella Boutique have some great deals going on now too.

8. I am sick of politics already! And we have a LONG WAY to go! I am going to try to tune all the nastiness out for about 9 months, and then start listening to those still standing!

9. My 12-year-old got a loft and room makeover for Christmas. It looks like a college dorm room now. Due to the random way my brain works and propensity for anxiety, I find myself suddenly worried about HOW THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR HIM TO GO TO COLLEGE!!?! I'm glad he likes it, though I get heart palpitations every time I walk in......

10. My other baby is all about taking care of her babies these days. Watching her take care of her babies is what I imagine it must be like to watch yourself on a reality TV show. She takes them everywhere she goes, reads to them a lot and is always threatening time-out.......sounds familiar.

A Christmas Miracle

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