Couple not seen for two weeks found dead in home

The Associated Press

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TAYLORSVILLE — Alexander County deputies say a couple has been found dead in their home after they hadn't been seen for two weeks.

A friend called 911 on Tuesday after knocking on the door of the Taylorsville home and getting no answer. Deputies say they found the body of 71-year-old Betty Jean Quackenbush in the garage and 75-year-old Robert Quackenbush was found dead in a closet by a water heater.

Investigators say autopsies have been ordered to determine how the couple died.

Deputies say two dogs and a cat were found inside of the home, while a second cat was dead.

Neighbors say they had not seen the couple in two weeks and the man and wife usually kept to themselves.

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One of two possibilities?

Carbon monoxide poisoning or foul play?

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