Grant to build center to help homeless vets

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RALEIGH — North Carolina is getting more than $4 million to build housing and other benefits for homeless veterans.

Gov. Pat McCrory announced the federal grant Monday. The $4.2 million will be used to transform an unused state building in Butner into the Veterans Life Center.

McCrory says the site will include clean, safe housing for up to 150 veterans. The facility will also have vocation training as well as education and mentoring opportunities for veterans who do not have a home.

The nonprofit Veterans Leadership Council-CARES of North Carolina will run the center through private and public partnerships.

Veterans will be accepted from all areas of the state. McCrory hopes to have the facility open in two years.

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Not even a drop in the bucket, 4.2 million to house 150 "homeless vets" why are they homeless? How much of that 4.2 million will it take to run this bright idea. it's a dam shame how other people make a good living off the suffering of others. This is why the poor will always be with us because they provide so many jobs for other people just like the court system, prison system, DSS, project housing, the FAKE FAITH BASE COMMUNITY.

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