2 shot at crowded hotel party after CIAA tourney

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CHARLOTTE— A big basketball tournament in Charlotte is ending with violence.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say two people were shot in the leg early Sunday inside a crowded downtown hotel party for some of the thousands of CIAA fans in town.

Police Capt. Todd Lontz says it wasn't a CIAA-sponsored event but one of the many parties tied to the tournament.

Police say the shooting happened after an altercation in the hotel's ballroom escalated. One patient was taken to the hospital, but the other was treated and released from the scene.

City officials say there were 12 adults arrested in the city's center during the tournament between Thursday and early Sunday. Two involved assaults. One man was stabbed Saturday night, but he was treated and released from a hospital.

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What is CIAA

Originally called the Colored Intercollegiate Athletic Association, it continues to be made up of historically BLACK colleges and universities. WHY do we still have segregated conferences? Just asking. Would a White Intercollegiate Athletic Association be accepted? If not, why this one? Shouldn't these race exclusive associations be abandoned? Just asking.

Missed opportunity

Just think we could have had this with an event center. Well for now I guess Raleigh will let Charlotte keep enjoying the excitement.

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