Tarboro asking CSX to fix drainage problem


Staff Writer

Friday, January 19, 2018

TARBORO — The town of Tarboro wants CSX to take care of an ongoing road issue to prevent any future accidents from happening.

Town staff is preparing a letter to CSX, urging the railroad company to fix a drainage problem on Anaconda Road, Town Manager Troy Lewis said. The town council ordered the action after the matter was raised by Councilman Leo Taylor.

Taylor, who has brought up the issue at past council meetings, said it is his understanding that underneath Anaconda Road is a drain that goes over to the railroad tracks.

Taylor said he learned that when the drain was put in, it wasn’t done correctly and when the water reaches a certain level it doesn’t flow properly, causing it to back up on the opposite side of Anaconda Road.

Lewis said N.C. Department of Transportation officials said the drain that goes across the railroad tracks through the railroad bed is too high and needs to be lowered to fix the drainage problem.

Lewis said he has made several calls to CSX at Taylor’s request, but CSX has taken no action.

Taylor said he continuously singles out the matter because of an accident that happened several months ago to a woman driving on the road when heavy rain caused a lot of water to collect on the road.

“The woman when she was driving her car sometime a number of months ago in the Summerfield neighborhood hit that water, which caused her car to turn upside down and end up in the ditch,” Taylor said. “Thank God she got out, but it could’ve been where she couldn’t have gotten out or had children in there. It could’ve been a fatality. CSX can investigate this, but again from my understanding, the reason the water backs up on the highway is because it wasn’t drained properly from the drainage under the railroad track.”

Taylor said it’s important that something be done to take care of the problem.

“I want CSX to respond and come fix the issue, so the drain will flow properly,” he said. “If this problem isn’t fix then I think it’s very foreseeable with water on that highway that something could happen like what happened with the woman ending up in the ditch. That’s why it’s so important for CSX to fix this and prevent the prospect of a fatality from happening.”