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December 10, 2017

I am calling about how many things in the news that don't make sense.

I thought one of President Trump's big things was trying to cut or trim the fat. He was going to get rid of some of the things like spending money to study the mating habits of turtles or where sharks swim etc.

I don't…

December 10, 2017

In a recent paper, Gail Collins wrote a very great article about the shaky start to November for the Oval Office.

I really think Trump ran for president for three reasons.

One to show that he could, so that more people had to hear him talk and to bad mouth Obama and Clinton so he could undo…

December 09, 2017

I just had to call to sing the praises of Donald J. Trump.

The stock market is at all time highs and economic growth is higher now than at any time during President Obama's term in office.

Hopefully that tax cut will go through and President Trump can get back on repealing the Obama health tax.…

December 08, 2017

It is a sign of good karma and circle of completion that Chief Willie Williams is being selected as the interim police chief of Rocky Mount.

A position that he was unfairly denied when he achieved the highest rank of any chief.

It is a brilliant move for him to have this opportunity to serve.


December 07, 2017

I read with interest the special insert in the paper on Veterans Day.

That was very well done and I appreciate it.

The article said there were 19 million veterans alive today.

That is not very many. I would have thought there would have been 50 million.

In a country this size of 300 million…

December 06, 2017

I think it is a shame that someone has taken a beautiful historic area like the Rocky Mount Mills and the property all around there and turned it all into breweries and drinking establishments.

We need more family-oriented businesses there, something like craft shops etc.

We have enough drinking…

December 05, 2017

General Hugh Shelton is the greatest leader that North Carolina produced in my lifetime.

I don't think there is any doubt about it.

For more than 30 years, this man was in critical positions of leadership for this country.

I cannot imagine anyone else who has a resume anywhere close to that.

He is…

December 04, 2017

It is pathetic the way Congress acts.

They play around like peacocks and cannot get anything constructive done.

They are just there for the pay and the perks that go with being a member of Congress.

No wonder they score so low every time they have one of those polls where they ask the public who…

December 03, 2017

I am calling about the police chief's pension.

I don't have any problems with it. As far as I concerned he has earned that pension.

Police work is very stressful. There is not a more stressful job these days.

As he met the criteria, which he is bound to have done, then he is entitled to…

December 03, 2017

I am calling in response to a recent Letter to the Editor about better education.

In the first paragraph, he states schools are failing our low-income children.

No, they are failing all of our children because teachers have to focus so much on poor behavior that they cannot teach to smarter…

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