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February 12, 2019

Serving as speaker of the House has been good for Tim Moore's bank account.

The job of speaker isn't itself lucrative: $38,151 annually, plus $104 a day for housing and food when the legislature is in session. That's a decent income for many North Carolinians, but it's not going to buy you that…

Colin Campbell

February 12, 2019

Those who know American history know that our Constitution was written by principled men who reasoned from the Scriptures precepts of government never before put into practice by any nation except possibly Israel.

The basic assumption in the Constitution is that these precepts were understood and…

February 11, 2019

North Carolina’s most important emergency is not the next federal government shutdown. Nor is it a fake national emergency on the nation’s southern border.

Our state’s real emergency is a real threat to its dominant position in the world of barbecue.

Forget for a moment about our…


February 11, 2019

Rocky Mount citizens are concerned about the welfare of their city and the way their taxes are being used.

On Monday, Jan. 28, hundreds of city residents attended the council meeting. So many came that the council room, a second floor room and the lobby were filled and even some had to stand. They…

February 10, 2019

Black History Month is a celebration of an amazing culture!

African-Americans have made tremendous contributions to the fabric of America. For example, Dr. Shirley Jackson, a theoretical physicist, developed the touch-tone telephone, caller ID and the fiber-optic cable. Marie Ban Brittan Brown…

State MLK Commissioner Jacquie Jeffers.jpg

February 10, 2019

Americans should be worried about a man who caters to racists and kowtows to Putin and Russian operatives.

At one time, Reagan was the darling of the Republican Party. Now his name is hardly or ever mentioned. Why was this president allowed to meet with a hostile government without any cabinet…

February 09, 2019

For quite some time there has been an uneasy concern among Rocky Mount citizens regarding our city government.

Important decisions had to be made to ensure our future development as a thriving, progressive, prosperous city. Some good things have happened in spite of bad decisions, but the future…

February 08, 2019

With Democrats embracing neo-socialist policies to eliminate private health insurance and fossil fuels, America's political center is up for grabs. In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Trump made a concerted — if belated — play for it.

A State of the Union address…


February 08, 2019

We have a lot of good news in America: December had 312,000 jobs added and January saw the creation of an additional 304,000 jobs for the 100th consecutive month of job growth. Wages are up, which means the working class has enjoyed gains as well.

Manufacturing jobs are growing at a 714 percent…

February 06, 2019

We have lost our minds regarding the value of human life.

Throughout our society, human life has been and continues to be devalued on many levels and in many contexts. No where is this more evident than the continued attack on the most vulnerable of all among us, the unborn.

This appeal is not an…

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