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September 22, 2018

A recent opinion letter started out about our current president being in favor of wealthy Republican donors but wound up being about climate change.

Before I go into climate change I must state that Democrats who have served as president and as members of Congress have catered to their wealthy…

September 21, 2018

According to the Labor Department, employers created 37,000 new manufacturing jobs in July, the strongest gain since December and the third straight month in which factory job growth accelerated.

The trend has been firm for the past year and a half. The 327,000 new manufacturing jobs over the last…

September 20, 2018

This coming election, our voters will have an opportunity to vote on six amendments to our state Constitution.

These amendments were drafted by the super-majority party, so you can be certain they address the most pressing issues affecting our state. Problem is, the amendments and their…

September 19, 2018

Mr. Euell’s letter titled “Universal health care not socialism,” published Sept. 1, was quite interesting. His letter demonstrates just how little understanding many people have as to what is socialism and what is not socialism.

There are very few countries whose economic system…

September 18, 2018

When you don't broaden your mind and believe anything that's put before you, it creates chaos.

I can't believe after seeing all the corruption associated with this administration that Trump supporters are still shouting, "Lock her up". With these people, Trump could probably shoot someone and not…

September 16, 2018

Who is Mollie Tibbets?

Molly was a 20-year-old college student who was murdered while jogging in August. Other than it being a capital crime, what else is significant about Mollies death? She was murdered by an illegal immigrant. Someone who was not supposed to be here. Someone who broke the law by…

September 15, 2018

The arrogance of the right-wing N.C. legislature is astonishing.

Now that the one party has the majority of both houses, it has ramped up its desire to not only maintain its majority position by continued efforts at gerrymandering the voting districts to ensure future outcomes of…

September 13, 2018

“Capitalism Leads To Ruin.” What a sight those words are, huh?

Rocky Mount’s Kim Eng Koo wrote them in an attempt to offer socialism as a better alternative to capitalism. There were more words written below the title but they comprised a tired and debunked fantasy. A fantasy…

September 04, 2018

Illegal immigration is again at the forefront of the news. It was brought to the news forefront because of Mollie Tibbetts murder in the heartland by an illegal immigrant.

The debate about illegal immigration seems to increase and decrease over whatever news story is currently being presented by…

September 02, 2018

The Telegram’s editorial of Aug. 26, placing the “Silent Sam” controversy in a larger context, was sensible and gratifying.

On that same page, however, was a letter about Silent Sam from Elm City. It claimed that the UNC administrators had “cast their lot with the Marxists.…

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