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November 09, 2017

Every tax plan is a social vision and a statement of values. The social vision embedded in the House Republican tax plan is straightforward: to take money away from affluent professionals in blue states and to pump up corporations as the engine for broad economic growth.

Or to put it more bluntly,…


November 08, 2017

A law professor out in California could end up having a big impact in North Carolina’s 2018 elections for the state legislature. Nathaniel Persily of Stanford University recently got a $500-an-hour job from federal court judges, who have charged him with drawing new district lines for nine…


November 07, 2017

It is easy to ignore the recent story of four U.S. servicemen killed in Niger, the giant state in central Africa, because the place is so remote and the circumstances still so murky. That would be a mistake. Niger highlights a much larger problem – just how foolish, how flat-out dumb…


November 06, 2017

Everybody’s talking about taxes this week. Big Republican bill is coming out of the oven. Attention must be paid. Feel free to ask questions.

■  Is it true that Donald Trump Jr. stole his kid’s Halloween candy?

Don Jr. tweeted that he was going to take half of his daughter…


November 05, 2017

With the national debate about tax reform heating up, you’ll be hearing a lot about the difference between marginal and average tax rates. It’s an important distinction – and the concept doesn’t just apply to taxes. Post-secondary education is another area where the…


November 04, 2017

If you want to know just how surreal things have gotten, consider this: In 2015, Donald Trump had to decide between playing the president in “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” and running to be the actual president.

And it wasn’t an easy choice.

A “Sharknado” producer got…


November 03, 2017

Let’s not forget that Thanksgiving blessings last longer than tricks or treats.

I’m not opposed to Halloween, and in my youthful days I tried to go out on Halloween night and scare people – we didn’t expect treats, and nobody wore ghastly costumes – just…


November 02, 2017

I didn’t get to Richard Linklater’s brilliant 2014 movie, “Boyhood,” until this past weekend. That was the movie, filmed over 12 years with the same actors, about a boy growing up in Texas. But I did have the advantage of seeing it in the Trump era. It’s a sadder movie…


November 01, 2017

Just when you thought North Carolina had moved on from debating bathrooms, House Bill 2 is back in the headlines thanks to a surprise move by Gov. Roy Cooper.

Cooper wants to resolve a lawsuit brought by the ACLU and LGBT groups that challenges the HB2 replacement law that Cooper signed in March.…


October 31, 2017

And then there was one.

In March, I wrote a column in the form of a memo to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

It began: “Dear Sirs, I am…

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