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January 05, 2018

First, some praise for Mitt Romney, who is apparently poised to run for the Senate from Utah now that Orrin Hatch has announced his retirement.

The 2012 Republican presidential nominee is a man of honor, decency and serious accomplishment. His attempt to rally Republican opposition to Donald Trump…


January 04, 2018

Gov. Roy Cooper has finished his first year in office -- a year full of the fireworks that are common in a divided state government. Cooper and Republican legislative leaders have sparred on TV, in courtrooms and in the most thrilling arena of all: The Strongly Worded Press Release.

So how well did…


January 03, 2018

Well, at least it’s not 2017 anymore.

I expect that future historians will look back on it as one of the darker nonwar years in the country’s history — a year when the president lied constantly, the United States’ global influence suffered and Congress used its mighty powers…

David Leonhardt

January 02, 2018

When all was said and done, the tax overhaul that President Donald Trump signed into law a little more than a week ago didn’t beat up on higher education to the extent that earlier drafts of the legislation did. Americans who were deducting interest on student loans will still be able to do…

Frank Bruni

January 01, 2018

I am completely in favor of federal spending on UFO research, an outlay whose existence was revealed to surprisingly little paranoid excitement by The New York Times recently. It is a sign of civilizational health to devote excess dollars to the scientific fringe, and to hope that bizarre secrets…


December 31, 2017

Does Gov. Roy Cooper believe that North Carolina’s tax burden should be $3 billion higher?

It’s a fair question to ask given what Charlie Perusse, the governor’s budget director, said at a recent press briefing. While explaining that the Cooper administration will likely propose…

John Hood

December 30, 2017

Those of us on the Decision Desk of the Sidney Awards faced a moral dilemma. Could we give a Sidney to an essay the title of which we couldn’t quote in a family newspaper? We decided that our mission, celebrating the year’s best long-form journalism, is more important than the staid and…


December 28, 2017

Between July 2016 and July of this year, North Carolina added enough people to its population to build a new city the size of Wilmington — an increase of 116,730 people that makes us one of the faster-growing states in the country, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau numbers.

Our state…

Colin Campbell

December 27, 2017

There is nothing more characteristic of the Trump era, with its fire hose of misinformation, scandal and hyperbole, than that America and its allies recently managed to win a war that just two years ago consumed headlines and dominated political debate and helped Donald Trump himself get elected…


December 26, 2017

At the end of this banner stock market year, you can bet that major business publications will be naming their investor of the year. You can stop now. I have the winner, and nobody is even close when it comes to his total return on investment: Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

A recent report…

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