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March 03, 2018

The latest Elon University Poll contains disturbing, but not surprising results. More people know the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers than the names of either of our U.S. senators. Get beyond the president, vice president and governor and fewer than half those surveyed knew the names…

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March 02, 2018

The deliberately outrageous idea of arming classroom teachers is nothing more than a distraction, a ploy by the gun lobby to buy time for passions to cool. Don't get sidetracked. Keep the focus where it belongs — on keeping military-style assault rifles out of civilian hands.

The National…


March 01, 2018

Amid the shock and horror accompanying yet another mass shooting of schoolchildren in Florida, an anonymous White House official exhibited the sheer moral squalor of Trumpism.

"For everyone, [the massacre] was a distraction or a reprieve," the official said. "A lot of people here felt like it was a…

Gene Lyons

February 28, 2018

Things started off just right this past week. My wife said she saw a pair of bluebirds making a bee line for one of the bluebird boxes we have mounted on fence posts in the backyard. I was glad to hear that news, because that means spring is getting closer and closer.

The week stretched on and I…


February 27, 2018

Gov. Roy Cooper wants to take politics out of the redistricting process, but he also thinks he should control elections administration in North Carolina.

Legislative Republicans, meanwhile, want to take partisanship out of the elections board, but they're determined to keep it in the process of…

Colin Campbell

February 26, 2018

When the Republican-controlled Congress first approved its tax bill in December, most Democrats believed it would be a political loser for the GOP. Indeed, a New York Times poll found that just 37 percent of Americans approved of the plan.

"To pass a bill of tax cuts and have it be so unpopular…


February 25, 2018

President Donald Trump rose to the presidency largely on his ability to read and then channel the discontent and resentment of a large number of Americans. While his critics laughed off his declaration that people could say "Merry Christmas" again, he was really making a cultural statement that…

Jennifer Rubin

February 24, 2018

“Prayers and condolences are no longer enough,” chanted students gathered in Raleigh to protest gun violence. Their message was clear: Our nation has seen too many incidents of school shootings and violence and too little has been done about it.

Seventeen students from 17 different…

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February 23, 2018

President Trump is right about one thing: They must be "laughing their asses off" in Moscow.

At him.

Faced with compelling evidence that Russian cyber-saboteurs worked to sway the 2016 election, influencing swing-state voters with lies on social media and even staging real-life campaign rallies,…


February 22, 2018

Every place you look in Robert Mueller's investigation, the same names keep popping up: FBI agent Peter Strzok and sleazy, foreign private eye — or "British intelligence agent" — Christopher Steele.

So it's rather important that they both are Trump-hating fanatics, and one was…

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