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January 17, 2018

The state legislature’s one-day session on Jan. 10 turned out to be a failure, and a waste of the roughly $42,000 it costs to send lawmakers to Raleigh for a special session.

When legislators set the date back in October, the plan was to redraw judicial districts or consider changing to a…


January 16, 2018

If government gives you a cash handout or a “free” service and you are capable of working, studying, or providing service to the community in exchange for your public assistance, should you be obligated to do so?

Most conservatives say yes. Most progressives say no. Most Americans agree…


January 15, 2018

Our subject today is Donald Trump’s mind.

Not the speculation about whether he’s losing his marbles. That was during our “Fire and Fury” period last week.

Now we’re thinking about that lovely bipartisan meeting the president hosted Tuesday with members of Congress…


January 14, 2018

Everybody agrees society is in a bad way, but what exactly is the main cause of the badness? Some people emphasize economic issues: The simultaneous concentration of wealth at the top and the stagnation in the middle has delegitimized the system. People like me emphasize cultural issues: If you…


January 13, 2018

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to understand that the gathering storm clouds are threatening the 2018 elections. The high-pressure system at the genesis of this storm is the result of redistricting.

Following the 2010 census all states were required to draw new lines for congressional…


January 12, 2018

I know I am the one who recently said, “Let’s welcome 2018; it’s probably going to be better than 2017.” How foolish I was. So far, 2018 has caused me to become totally disgusted with the color white.

Since childhood, we have been used to snow, ice and freezing conditions in…


January 11, 2018

Wow, it looks as though “a new day is on the horizon!” If Democrats decide to fight fire with fire, that is.

When Oprah Winfrey delivered that line at the climax of her thunderous Golden Globes speech, my reaction was the same as everyone else’s: Is it my imagination, or does that…


January 10, 2018

“Possum out: Famous New Year’s event in Brasstown shockingly ends after one final descent” was the lead headline in last week’s Cherokee Scout, North Carolina’s westernmost newspaper.

After surviving years of animal rights lawsuits from People for the Ethical Treatment…


January 09, 2018

I think the administration of Gov. Roy Cooper favors the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 600-mile project connecting natural-gas generation in West Virginia to natural-gas consumers in Virginia and North Carolina. But I’m not entirely sure.

Two of Cooper’s cabinet…


January 08, 2018

So, to start the year, our president bragged that he has a “much bigger” nuclear button than the guy in North Korea.

Coming next week: Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un compare finger length and shoe and head size. That last is complicated by the fact that they have what are two of the worst…

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