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October 15, 2018

Personal exemption is no longer available on your tax returns. In prior years, each person claimed on a tax return was able to get a personal exemption amount — for 2017, that was $4,050 for each person.

Standard deduction amounts have gone up for the 2018 Federal Tax Return. Those amounts…


October 08, 2018

Consistency is a key ingredient of success in many activities — including investing.

And one technique that can help you become a more consistent investor is paying yourself first.

Many people mistakenly wait until they've got some extra cash before they start investing — but as…


October 01, 2018

Do our workplaces have an employee friendly culture?

Many of us 45 years or older were raised in authoritarian family and work environments. If we were fortunate, we were guided by good strong leaders with a strong work ethic and vision. But some of us were not always raised in constructive…

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September 24, 2018

Our region’s business is overwhelmingly small business.

The Census Bureau reports companies with fewer than 100 employees account for over 98 percent of all businesses in Eastern North Carolina. Firms with fewer than 20 employees, more than 89 percent. Small businesses are the engine of our…


September 17, 2018

What exactly is the “sequence of returns?”

The phrase simply describes the yearly variation in an investment portfolio’s rate of return. Across 20 or 30 years of saving and investing for the future, what kind of impact do these deviations from the average return have on a…


September 10, 2018

To succeed as an investor, you might think you need to know about the economy, interest rates and the fundamentals of companies in which you’d like to invest. These things are important, but it’s most essential to know how much risk you are willing to tolerate to achieve your goals.…


September 03, 2018

The back-to-school season is a time for new supplies, new routines and reconnecting — whether you’re going to school or to work.

For me, back-to-school is more than a date on a calendar. It’s a feeling and an opportunity to give ongoing tasks some new perspective, review where…


August 27, 2018

The road to retirement is full of twists and turns that can make even the most financially secure person wonder if they saved enough for their next chapter.

If you feel similar emotions, know you are not alone. Breaking down your retirement savings into four distinct components can help take the…


August 20, 2018

Employment activity remains strong, but recruiting qualified workers remains a major challenge.

To provide accurate and timely employment forecasts for business leaders, Express Employment Professionals International Headquarters conducts an ongoing Job Insights survey to track quarterly hiring…


August 13, 2018

Utilizing voice assistant services, such as Alexa with the Amazon Echo or the Google Assistant, is a growing trend in homes today. What many don’t often think about is how technology like this can improve the daily function within a business as well.

According to Juniper Research1, 55 percent…

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