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March 12, 2018

You and your spouse may have thought about retirement, but have you created a joint vision for this time of your life?

If not, you'll want to consider some key questions.

Where should we live? Once you retire, you may need to consider two key aspects of your living situation: the size and location…


March 05, 2018

Why do ladies live longer than men? This is a truth that spans the industrialized world.

Women live on average 5- 10 years longer than men: In the US, 6½ years longer, 5.3 years in the UK, 12 years in Russia and six months more in India. Eighty-five percent of people over age 100 are women,…

Bob Land Head Shot.jpg

February 26, 2018

Economic and market changes, legislation or personal issues can all lead to the disruption of a business; therefore, it’s important for business owners to play for the long term.

By long run, we are referring to the owner’s ultimate objectives, which usually are for the business and…

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