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June 09, 2019

Barbara Pierce and George Herbert Walker Bush were married in a twice-postponed ceremony on Jan. 6, 1945, after having duly sent out invitations and press announcements for a wedding in mid-December.

The pressure of family wartime commitments that postponed the wedding validated the bond between…


May 26, 2019

In the prologue to this insightful and well-researched biography of retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor, Evan Thomas wrote: “Nearly sixteen years before Madeleine Albright became secretary of state, a dozen years before Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined O’Connor on the…


March 10, 2019

This masterful saga tells the story of a family whose women are torn between their inner voices and the strict mores of a closed cultural Arab world. This beautifully wrought debut novel is a profound and unflinching tale about three Palestinian women living in Brooklyn during two periods and…


February 24, 2019

Jason Archer , a young executive at Triton Global, a leading technology conglomerate, becomes enmeshed in a nefarious scheme to take over and merge CyberCom with Triton. Soon, a series of intersected plots will thicken as David Baldacci gives us corporate espionage, greed, plane crashes, murders,…

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