Speak Up: Real trouble with schools


Sunday, December 3, 2017

I am calling in response to a recent Letter to the Editor about better education.

In the first paragraph, he states schools are failing our low-income children.

No, they are failing all of our children because teachers have to focus so much on poor behavior that they cannot teach to smarter children because they have to be fair to all students in the class, including the ones who struggle. The higher learning children are also not being taught to their best ability.

This is a failure to teach all children.

He also says that other children are privileged to have things that the lower income children don't have.

That is not the other children's fault that the lower income parents continue to have children that they cannot afford and don't take care of.

Then it falls on everyone else to suffer the consequences of their actions – to feed their children, clothe them, teach them more than the standard etc. Whatever is modeled for them is what they learned.

We suffer from the crime that many of them commit due to circumstances they have seen at home. Then we have to take care of them when they go to jail or prison.

What we need to look at and do something about is poor parenting. There is no reason for everyone to have to take care of the children of some.

Spend time with your children doing positive things, modeling good behavior for them, teaching them how to grow up and not the way you grew up but in a way that will help make them successful.

Of course, experienced teachers don't want to go to a failing school because then they cannot get a bonus check when there is no progress.

You are going to have trouble turning a low-income into a mixed-income neighborhood when the crime is the way it is.