Speak Up: Time capsule miscue


Sunday, November 5, 2017

There is a great deal of sadness with how the time capsule was unearthed at Braswell Park by students of Lincoln Elementary School in 1967.

it was never publicized or put in the paper.

In June the city clerk's office responded to us that the time capsule had been dug up. Unfortunately some of the items inside did not survive since 1967. Some did though.

The plan was for the surviving items to be on display at an event at the Imperial Centre in October. We have not heard any plans as of Oct. 19.

Some of the students remember that day, how we dressed for the celebration and placed items into the time capsule. Although all the items did not survive, we feel we should have been involved from the beginning.

Again, another loss for the students of the class of 1967 at Lincoln Elementary School, which we hold dearly in our hearts.

A lot of our cities, when they were unearthing their time capsules, the public was invited. The city of Rocky Mount decided to dig up the time capsule and did not involve anyone in the opening.

It should have never been opened until the public was notified.