Speak Up: City's future is up to us all


Sunday, August 13, 2017

If I didn't know better after reading the Letter to the Editor by Mike Armstrong, I would probably assume that Rocky Mount’s problems start and stop with our City Council members.

I was raised here and I have retired here.

I have seen good, bad and ugly changes to people who say they represent a body of concerned citizens of Rocky Mount and the Twin Counties.

I hear and read negative, unsettling, disgusting statements from persons who talk a good talk when it comes to what we shouldn't do to increase economic unity and love.

Tearing down the government body that we now have in place to justify enabling the naysayers will only set us back.

Take a good look at what is going on in our White House now.

Rocky Mount doesn't need persons speaking fake news to push an agenda.

What caused some of the decay to our downtown cannot solely be put on some of our councilmen.

The future for Rocky Mount is for all of us to make Rocky Mount greater than the Mike naysayers.

The insults, name calling, disrespect, trying to incite divisions and change laws to put in place folks who will stop processes in place for good of all sounds like Trumpism.