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January 18, 2018

I am fed up with the liberal, socialist element in Rocky Mount continually bashing Donald Trump.

The Dow is at record highs every week. Business optimism could not be stronger. Record high employment numbers.

Someone said that Trump was just a businessman. Thank God he is just that.…

January 17, 2018

I would like to make a comment about the Speak Up in the Dec. 31st paper.

The caller thinks it would be a good idea to send convicts over to fight the wars.

Sure thing.

That is what we need to do is to trust our national security to criminals who may shoot anyone at will including their own.


January 16, 2018

We spend all of this time, money and effort preparing the roads in anticipation of a winter storm's arrival.

We pre-treat the roads and then the storm comes and people drive along as if nothing has changed.

Well everything has changed.

If the government would take some of its vehicles and put them…

January 15, 2018

This is a comment to Mike Armstrong.

Hallelujah, you have said exactly what I thought and what many of the good citizens of Rocky Mount are also feeling.

Hiring someone for a salary of $120,000 is crazy.

That, of course, is like you said – double what most of the good citizens get paid.…

January 14, 2018

I am calling in reference to a suggestion.

There are a lot of events in the Rocky Mount, Nash and Tarboro areas that the readers and the citizens of these areas are not aware of.

I get the newspaper daily and I am constantly reading about events that have taken place.

It would be wonderful if the…

January 13, 2018

There is a fine for littering on the highways.

Why don't they do something about these big-time farmers who drive miles from the cotton fields to where they are taking it to their farms?

They litter all up and down the highway and don't pick it up.

They should be made to either pay a fine or cover…

January 12, 2018

I am calling regarding the recent comments pertaining to Donald Trump.

I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I accepted him as my president, as he was legally elected.

I think the people should do the same thing for Donald Trump.

In fact, I am proud that I supported him and will continue to support…

January 11, 2018

It is outrageous that we have as president a man who refused to go to Vietnam as a young man.

Dr. King was right.

America's poor sons paid a disproportionate price during Vietnam.

America's well-to-do avoided the war.

January 10, 2018

It sounds like some people around here need to relax and get beyond their Puritan roots and beliefs.

Brew pubs, taprooms and lotteries are the future.

We are here to enjoy life, not to keep our noses pressed firmly to the grindstone.

It is OK to live a little, really it is.

Have a brewsky, play the…

January 09, 2018

A caller recently expressed their disgust with our president stating they could never accept him being their president.

They have my sympathy because I just finished eight years with no president.

So hang on, you didn't offer me any other choice.

They call it payback, I think.…

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