Teachers provide living history demonstration


Two students participate in the living history demonstration at Rocky Mount High School.


From COntributed Reports

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rocky Mount High School history teachers Charles Harrell and Mark Williams recently worked together to conduct an intensive and immersive living history demonstration.

Both teachers taught students the historic activity of pioneer cooking over an open fire.

After a brief demonstration by Harrell that explained the ways of cooking as a pioneer, students followed the instructed steps and successfully prepared fried bacon and eggs in a historical fashion using pans and equipment from the time period of the pioneers. Additionally, one group of students even ventured into an enhanced activity of preparing coffee using an old grinder.

The majority of students were inspired by the lesson and suggested they might try their hand at campfire cooking with their families now that they have a better understanding of how the pioneers accomplished such a feat.

Harrell was asked by several students if future lessons would utilize similar living history learning techniques.

“Living History is not new for me and I am game,” Harrell replied.