Man given counterfeit bill in online sale


Staff Writer

Thursday, June 20, 2019

A 27-year-old Rocky Mount man received a counterfeit $100 bill on Saturday when he sold a watch to a customer he met online.

The two men met on Saturday in the Alorica parking lot on the 1900 block of Stone Rose Drive to make the exchange after they struck the deal through an app, said Sgt. Brad Summerlin of the Rocky Mount Police Department.

After the unidentified customer, who was described only as a black man with dreads, made the purchase and left the scene, the seller discovered the $100 bill was counterfeit.

Summerlin said it is important for residents to use caution when meeting sellers or customers.

“People should arrange to meet in a public place, like the police department, to make these transactions,” Summerlin said. “We have a designated area at the Rocky Mount Police Department for this purpose and it has surveillance cameras in case something goes wrong.”

If someone is reluctant to meet in an area with surveillance cameras, it is best to avoid the transaction, Summerlin said.

“It can be dangerous to meet a stranger to sell or buy items,” Summerlin said. “You don’t know who you are meeting or what their intentions are. If they are not willing to meet somewhere with camera surveillance, they are probably not trustworthy anyway.”

Summerlin also said that it is better to accept money orders than cash since cash can be counterfeit.

“You know that money orders are legitimate,” Summerlin said. “You don’t always know that cash is.”