Teens charged in armed robberies

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Four Rocky Mount teens are accused of committing felony crimes in connection with a recent nighttime gunpoint holdup of a man outside a store on the southwest side of the city, a police spokesman said.

Jaheim Evans and Antwon Jefferson are charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. Jordan Donaldson and Naeshaun Williams are charged with aiding and abetting the robbery, police Sgt. Brad Summerlin said.

The holdup occurred at approximately 9 p.m. on Jan. 31 outside Princess Market in the 1100 block of West Raleigh Road, Summerlin said.

The victim was coming out of the store when people approached him as he was boarding his vehicle and began demanding his property and then began stealing from inside the vehicle, Summerlin said.

The victim wasn’t injured, Summerlin said.

Arrest warrants on file with the Nash County Clerk of Court Office state Evans and Jefferson are accused of stealing $75 in cash and a cell phone worth $332.

The warrants state Evans and Jefferson allegedly had handguns.

The court records show arrest warrants for the four teens were issued in a three-day period at the start of this month.

Evans and Jefferson each were jailed under $175,000 secured bonds in the Nash County Detention Center, Summerlin said.

Williams was jailed under a $100,000 secured bond in the Nash Detention Center, Summerlin said. Donaldson is free on a $10,000 unsecured bond, Summerlin said.

The court records note that Williams is already on supervised probation as a result of committing misdemeanor breaking and entering and misdemeanor larceny.

The court records state that Donaldson can’t leave his residence without parental supervision — unless he’s going to and from work — and can’t be in the presence of Jefferson, Williams or any other person who’s identified as a co-defendant in the case.

Donaldson also is forbidden from communicating with the alleged victim in the case.

The records show the four teens appeared on Tuesday in District Court and were provided court-appointed attorneys and were ordered to be back in court on Feb. 21.

Additionally, Evans and Jefferson are going to have to answer for allegedly committing crimes prior to the Jan. 31 incident.

Court records show a warrant was issued for Evans’ arrest for committing armed robbery and misdemeanor possession of a handgun by a minor on Nov. 5.

In that case, the records state that Evans is accused of using a handgun to steal a cell phone worth $800.

The court records also state that a warrant was issued for Jefferson’s arrest for committing armed robbery on Dec. 21.

In that case, Jefferson is accused of using a handgun to steal $530, four cell phones, a wireless game control device, two pairs of shoes and a pair of jeans worth approximately $1,200.

Other court records state that a warrant was issued for Jefferson‘s arrest on Feb. 2 for aiding and abetting an armed robbery on Dec. 21 and that a warrant was issued for his arrest for committing felony larceny on Dec. 31.

Summerlin said when doing police work, the investigators and officers just want to make sure they do their best to remove violent offenders from the community.

“And anytime we can get these violent offenders out of these communities, it's better for the community and the citizens,” he said. “And it just shows the determination by the men and women of this police department and their due diligence and to following up on these cases — and getting them prepared and being able to bring ‘em to a closure.”