Online sale leads to armed robbery


Staff Writer

Friday, February 16, 2018

A 21-year-old man was kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday while trying to purchase sneakers he found on the Internet.

Cpl. Brad Summerlin of the Rocky Mount Police Department said the man, who is listed as non-city resident on police records, arranged to meet a person in a residential area on the 4300 block of Carrol Avenue to purchase a pair of sneakers he saw on Facebook. A man got into his car with the shoes and then a second man entered the car with a handgun. They reportedly robbed him of gold earrings, a necklace, the sneakers, a birth certificate and other identification.

They then demanded that the victim drive to a convenience store in Nashville and withdraw cash from an ATM machine. The victim was then told to drive back to Carrol Avenue where he was released.

Rocky Mount police have warrants on two unidentified suspects who are facing charges of second-degree kidnapping and armed robbery.

Summerlin said the incident illustrates the need for extra caution when meeting people for business transactions.

“If you are going to meet with someone for a transaction, it is best to choose the parking lot of a police station or a well-lit public area. Also, it is best to not go alone,” Summerlin said.