Thankful for 2017 blessings


Patsy Pridgen


By Patsy Pridgen
Telegram Columnist

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving sneaked up on me this year, with the fourth Thursday of November being an early Nov. 23. So please excuse the fact that even though it’s now past Thanksgiving Day, I’m just unveiling my annual list of What I Am Thankful For. Below, in no particular order, is a smattering of my many 2017 blessings.

■ My young grandchildren. Is there any grandparent alive who doesn’t thank the Lord for their little darlings? My adoration may be tempered when my grandchildren hit their moody teenage years and no longer want to spend the day with Grandma, but right now, they are cute, sweet and funny.

■ Avoiding disasters. I and my nearest and dearest have been blessed by a safe year. No broken bones, car wrecks, sports accidents or health scares. I can deal with minor stuff like flat tires and an accidentally severed sewing machine cord. Severed sewing machine cord? Let’s just say sparks flew and there was a distinct sizzling sound, but the 10-year-old boy who was wielding the scissors wasn’t electrocuted, thank you Lord.

■ My husband of 40 years. Although we have very different interests – he’s a hunter, I’m a bookworm, for example – we make a good team. I guess we’re proof opposites attract. I’m thankful he crossed my path all those years ago in the hallways of West Edgecombe High School. He’s a good sport who lets me write about him in this column. He’s also my first proofreader.

■ Surviving hunters’ camp. I’ve just returned from a week spent in a testosterone-charged hunting lodge located in the backwoods of Illinois, the habitat of very large white-tailed deer. Yes, I’m a good sport, too. With over 30 men there, I’m thankful for the three other women on the premises, counting the cook. I had a good time in a weird sort of way (more later), and I am grateful for the experience. I guess.

■ Garden Club and Writers’ Group. I love being part of these two Rocky Mount organizations. I’ve become friends with people I wouldn’t have known otherwise and learned a great deal about plants (garden club) and plots (writers’ group). I look forward to my monthly meetings with my new cohorts.

■ My tour buddies. My husband and I have traveled overseas several times over the last decade with the same group of longtime friends. I’m pretty sure I would never have had the courage to go abroad, especially to China and Russia, without the safety net these friends helped to provide.

■ Another year of writing a column. I’m closing in on five consecutive years of penning this weekly column, not counting the ones I wrote sporadically from 1999-2004. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to come up with an idea each week and then the details to write 525 words or so. I also appreciate my readers, who sometimes send me an email or stop me in the Harris Teeter to tell me – music to my ears – how much they enjoy my column.

I may be tardy in sharing my list of what I’m thankful for, but gratitude shouldn’t be confined to just Thanksgiving Day anyway. After all, my 2017 blessings abounded throughout the year.