November 11, 2018

Being a fan of two-lane blacktops, I avoid driving on Interstate 95 whenever possible.

However, I throw caution to the wind ever so often when I hear the siren call of the Carolina Premium Outlets at Exit 95. There are so many stores there, I have to carefully choose which ones to visit in the five…

Different talents entertain differently

November 04, 2018

This is a tale of two young men blessed with talent but in two distinctly different areas. One is a musician; the other, an athlete. On a recent weekend, I was fortunate to see both perform — in different venues, of course.

In a decision to broaden my cultural horizons and support a very…

A hurricane hits home

October 28, 2018

Sometimes it’s your turn for bad luck. Sometimes those high hurricane winds send a huge tree tumbling right onto the roof of your house. Yes, yours, not someone else’s this time.

Just ask my daughter and her husband. They were in their new house only days before elements of Hurricane…

Rocky Mount Fair was a highlight of fall

October 21, 2018

It may not have been a big deal to city kids, but when I was growing up in Edgecombe County, the annual Rocky Mount Fair was an event we country bumpkins looked forward to each fall.

Oh, there was the big dance in Raleigh, the State Fair that some were lucky enough to attend, but the local fair was…