June 09, 2019

It’s my husband’s idea of a great trip.

Not a European museum or cathedral on the itinerary. No classical music or dance performances to attend. Instead, a road trip that begins in South Dakota, winds through the range lands of Montana and follows parts of the original Oregon Trail in…

The first of summer is sweet

June 02, 2019

For children, the last day of school is almost as exciting as Christmas morning.

Saying adios to the teacher signals the start of summer with its endless days of freedom and fun. As a former educator who always worked a 10-month contract, I recall the beginning of June being a sweet time for me as…

It’s time to quit on current city government

May 26, 2019

A recent posting on the Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens’ website caught my attention.

Clint Williams, a WHIG co-anchor and outspoken critic of City Council, wrote of his frustration with the stonewalling practiced by the current administration. “…They’re never going to…

Cuba Is a country of contradictions

May 19, 2019

Our tour group was eating dinner in a small paladar, a privately-owned restaurant in Cuba, when our guide introduced the owner, a young woman who was educated to be a doctor. The head waiter, summoned from the kitchen, was once a lawyer.

The two explained they could make more money in their paladar…