August 20, 2017

My grandchildren start a new school year tomorrow. One will be in first grade, one in fifth, and one in seventh. They’re all at the same school, just on different halls or wings. In this respect, their private school experience reminds me of my public school days.

I, too, am a product of one…

New Charlotte grocery store isn't like Patsy's favorite

August 13, 2017

I often feel like Gomer Pyle straight out of Mayberry when I visit my two daughters who live in Charlotte. Gol-ly, I want to say, as I race around town on busy Interstates 85, 485, and 77. Shazam, I think, overwhelmed by the multitude of restaurants, the price of housing, and the big-city skyline.…

Funeral food still served by Southern churches

August 06, 2017

By Patsy Pridgen

Is there anything more comforting—and predictable—than Southern funeral food? Especially the meal provided by the church to the inner circle of family and friends prior to the lay-to-rest service for their loved one.

When I joined a ladies’ circle at a local…

Summer called for creativity

July 30, 2017

Watching my grandchildren hurl through their summer, going to various camps and on out-of-town trips, I remember the simple days of June, July and August when I was a child. Back before theme parks existed – or air conditioning, for that matter.

Stuck out in the country halfway between…