Walk for Life adds new 5K run

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Participates run by as people cheer them on Saturday during the Your Choice Resource Center Walk for Life at Rocky Mount Sports Complex.


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Your Choice Resource Center’s annual Walk for Life held on Saturday had two new features this year: a new event and a new location.

The event is usually held at Englewood Park, but this year the walk was held at the Rocky Mount Sports Complex to help accommodate the new 5K run that was part of this year’s fund-raising effort.

“We decided to hold a 5K run this year to reach out to people who are involved in running,” said Virginia Roberson, executive director of the Your Choice Pregnancy Center. “This helps draw people from a new group so they can learn about the work of the center.”

Samuel K. Battle, Jr., who formerly played football for SouthWest Edgecombe High School and N.C. Central University, said the run is what drew him to this year’s event. He was one of 89 runners to sign up.

“I run about seven miles every day. It is a passion of mine,” Battle said. “I am here to take part in this 5K run and I am here for the babies,” Battle said.

The mission of the Your Choice Pregnancy Center is “empowering women, men and families who are in crisis due to an unwanted pregnancy or disease through the Christian ministry of compassionate care.”

Though the organization is primarily known for its focus on saving babies from abortion, the resource center offers care, counseling and classes to both men and women who are facing choices they may not be prepared to make, according to the organization’s website.

“Our society has reduced the life of an unborn child to a choice. Here at Your Choice Resource Center, we believe the word “choice” is closely identified with abortion, yet many women report that a perceived absence of choice pushed them toward abortion. Too often, abortion is the decision a woman makes when her back is against the wall. Abortion is no choice if you think it’s your only choice. Anyone thinking about having an abortion believes it is necessary, and there are no other or better choices. By sharing accurate information on all pregnancy options, as well as the procedures and risks of abortion, we enable those who come to us for help to make life-affirming choices that are right for them,” the website said.

Providing women with the information they need to care for their babies is part of Becky Dorothy’s work as a volunteer at the center and a teacher in the Learn to Earn classes. Dorothy took part in the 5K event with her 15-year-old son David and her 12-year-old son Andrew.

Six other family members, including her husband and five other children, ages 3 to 14, took part in the Walk for Life. Her family alone raised almost $1,700 for the Your Choice Resource Center through Saturday’s event.

Dorothy said supporting the work of the Your Choice Resource Center is important to her and her family.

“I believe that all life is precious. I have seven kids to prove it,” Dorothy said. “We just want to help the center continue doing the great work it is doing in our community.”

This year’s fund-raising goal was $120,000, the biggest goal ever, Roberson said. Though donations related to the event are still coming in, as of Saturday, the event had raised $113, 587.

For more information about the work of the Your Choice Resource Center or to donate to the organization, go to https://www.friendsofycrc.org