Two-car wreck snarls traffic on Sunset Avenue

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First responders work the scene of a wreck in which two cars were damaged Wednesday afternoon at Sunset Avenue and Englewood Drive.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

One of Rocky Mount's busiest thoroughfares was the scene of a two-car collision and a subsequent slowdown of traffic on Wednesday afternoon.

A Telegram reporter en route to work via eastbound Sunset Avenue shortly after 3 p.m. came upon the wreck scene, which was at the intersection of Sunset and Englewood Drive. Two sedans — a Honda and a Toyota — were badly damaged on Sunset on the immediate west side of the intersection.

The Honda apparently had come to rest on eastbound Sunset and was facing southwest. The Toyota apparently had come to rest on westbound Sunset and was facing northeast.

Police Sgt. Brad Summerlin told the Telegram the wreck report is still being worked on and the report has to be approved by a supervisor before he can obtain the information. Summerlin said he would check Thursday morning to see if the report has been completed.

North Carolina law specifies a local law enforcement agency responding to a wreck has to write a report within 24 hours of that wreck. The report must include the cause of the wreck; the conditions existing at the time of the crash; and the persons and the vehicles involved.

State Transportation Department data shows the average daily traffic count at 18,000 on Sunset just east of the intersection with Englewood.