Absentee property owners owe back taxes


Staff Writer

Friday, July 19, 2019

TARBORO — As of June 30, 402 tax accounts owed the Town of Tarboro a total of $102,189.29 in delinquent taxes for 2018, according to a report presented to the Tarboro Town Council by Town Clerk Leslie Lunsford at its July 8 meeting.

But the bulk of that past due amount — a little more than 30 percent — is owed by just five absentee property owners.

The single-largest offender is Greensboro attorney Bill Agapion.

Agapion, who owns property at 2201 and 2213 St. Andrew Street — one of which is the address for Food Lion — owes a little more than $14,000 on those two properties and a third, vacant outparcel at the shopping center.

Agapion owes $9,460.43 on 2013 and $4,116.49 on 2001 St. Andrew and $428.69 for a vacant outparcel carrying no street address.

Next up on the list of heavy delinquencies is Tarboro Commons LLC, the Asheville-based company that owns the Spencers Woods development on West Wilson, past Edgecombe Community College.

Tarboro Commons LLC regularly appears on the delinquent list and last year was the subject of a lengthy discussion led by Ward 8 Council member Garland Shepheard in regard to what could be done to get more timely payment.

Tarboro Commons has 60 parcels on the list, each carrying a delinquency of $118.85 — or $7,107 total.

Following Tarboro Commons is DT Retail Properties — Dollar Tree — which lists a Chesapeake, Va., address as its mailing address.

Gwenda Moore, of Greenville, is next on the list with a delinquency of $2,664.95 on acreage behind the Sure Stay Hotel on Market Center Drive.

Last January, Moore appeared before the Edgecombe County commissioners to request a letter of support for her efforts to get NCDOT to extend Market Center Drive to connect with West St. James Street.

Even though Moore’s property is located inside the town boundaries, she has not yet appeared before the council to make a similar request.

Last among the heavier hitters is Lodestar Investments of Davidson, which owns multiple vacant parcels of land at the north end of River Oaks Shopping Center. Lodestar is in arrears in the amount of $2,047.47.

The amounts shown represent what was presented to the town council as delinquent by Lunsford, who stated in her report that she has made “diligent efforts” both to contact the delinquent taxpayers as well as collect the funds.