Store offers ‘paw-traits’ for dads

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Niki Washington, right, holds Sky, her 3-year-old male husky, as Muttley Crew owner Tosha Aldridge creates a paw-trait on a piece of paper with nontoxic acrylic paint on Friday at Muttley Crew at Westridge Village Shopping Center.


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

A local pet shop that caters primarily to dogs is offering a novel Father’s Day gift for human dads of dogs.

The Muttley Crew pet store in Westridge Village Shopping Center on Sunset Avenue is helping “furkids” make “paw-traits” in honor of Father’s Day.

Some dog owners already have brought their pets by on Thursday and Friday to create a seascape picture using painted pet pawprints as the foundation for fish images in the pictures. The unique gift costs $5. The fun continues from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today.

“We did something similar for Mother’s Day using the paws as the basis of flowers in pictures,” said Tosha Aldridge, owner-operator of the store that does not sell dogs but caters to their needs and whims. “That event was such a success that we added an extra day for the Father’s Day event.”

The idea expands the gift-giving options for pet parents who might be left out of the traditional Father’s Day celebration.

“I love this idea and I plan to bring my dogs, Tenley and Cassie, by tomorrow,” said Jennifer Chandler as she popped by after work on Friday to pick up some natural homemade pet treats for her canine companions. “My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but I think I am going to surprise my husband this year with an original gift for Father’s Day that our dogs helped create.”

Aldridge said ideas like this not only bring in customers but also help create a community of dog lovers who feel comfortable in her pet-friendly environment where dogs are treated like royalty. While at the store, pet owners can treat their dog to a spa day in the self-bathing area and allow the pets to play together in the superhero-themed pet play room.

The store also offers training sessions and pet photo ops in addition to a wide range of normally hard-to-find dog food items and pet accessories.

“I originally opened the store because I was having to shop for a lot of these items either in Raleigh or online,” Aldridge said.

“We opened last April in Station Square and moved this April to Westridge Village,” Aldridge said. “It has been a good move. Our business has already almost doubled.”