Nash board to review budget


Staff Writer

Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Nash County Board of Commissioners is set to hold three public hearings and consider other topics Monday morning.

The board is scheduled to hold a required public hearing for its fiscal year 2019-20 recommended budget. County Manager Zee Lamb will provide a brief summary of the proposed budget before the public hearing is conducted.

After the public hearing, the board can adopt the budget as presented; make amendments then adopt the budget; or table adoption until a later date — however the budget must be adopted by July.

The board also will hold a public hearing for the fiscal year 2019-20 Economic Development recommended budget as presented by Donna Wood, the county's finance officer.

The board plans to make an economic development appropriations in the next year in at least the following amounts:

■ $332,084 for Economic Development staff and operational expenses to pursue retail and industry growth in Nash County through marketing and recruitment.

■ $1,012,329 for inducements previously approved in public hearings for established industrial businesses.

■ $30,000 for retail and small business support services.

■ $15,000 to be allocated for maintaining Nash County corporate parks for industrial recruitment.

■ $83,270 appropriated to the Carolina Gateways Partnership to pursue industry growth and expansion in Nash County through marketing and recruitment.

■ $14,000 to the Highway 17/64 Association for ongoing work to establish Interstate 87 from Raleigh to Norfolk through Nash County.

A third public hearing is set for a text amendment request to change the Nash County Unified Development Ordinance to establish a Medium-Density Residential Zoning District.

The residential zoning districts are separated into residential and residential and agricultural districts. In general, the residential districts tend to allow a broader range of permitted land uses while residential and agricultural districts are primarily distinguished by excluding the development of manufactured homes.

Without any stated reason or explanation, the UDO omits a RA-20 zoning district to parallel the standard R-20 district. The proposed change would add RA-20 to the UDO.

The board is scheduled to meet at 9 a.m. in the Frederick B. Cooper Commissioners Room on the third floor of the Claude Mayo Jr. Administration Building at 120 West Washington St. in downtown Nashville.