Officials access tornado damages


Staff Writer

Saturday, May 25, 2019

The tornado that touched down in southern Nash County on May 13 impacted 13 pieces of property in Nash County and caused more than $86,000 in damage, according to estimates by the Nash County tax assessor and building inspector.

The twister that tore through Nash and Wake counties was rated as an EF2 tornado, said Brent Fisher, assistant director of Fire, Rescue & Emergency Management for Nash County Emergency Services. Fisher shared the information with others in a quarterly meeting of the Local Emergency Planning Committee Friday at Nash UNC Health Care.

An EF2 has winds ranging from 111 mph to 135 mph, according to the National Weather Service website.

The main area affected was along Nade Road, Massey Road and Brantley Road in the Middlesex area. Massey Road and Brantley Road were closed for a while because of downed trees and power lines across the roadways.

“There was tornado damage in a straight line across the area,” Fisher said. “One of the areas affected was at Mount Pleasant. It appears to have been on the east side of the tornado and was near where the tornado began to get off the ground.”

No one was injured and most of the property owners were fortunate in terms of coverage, Fisher said.

“Most of these people had insurance to cover that damage and no one had any unmet needs,” Fisher said.

Nash County emergency officials are planning ahead for more potential bad weather in the future as hurricane season begins June 1.

“Nash County participated in a statewide hurricane exercise called Hurricane Flash this week to help us prepare for hurricane season,” Fisher said.

He said the scenario allowed them to spot potential areas of trouble and estimate damage values using software. As part of the imaginary scenario, Fisher said emergency personnel included the destruction of the roofs of Nashville Elementary School and Red Oak Elementary School because of their age.

John Mills, media relations manager for FEMA, sent out a list of reminders to homeowners this week as they prepare for the hurricane season ahead:

■ Create an emergency communication plan with your family. This plan spells out how everyone will contact each other, where to go and how to get back together.

■ Build an emergency kit. Keep it ready at home, at work and in the car.

■ Check your insurance coverage. Damage caused by flooding is usually not covered by homeowners insurance policies.

■ Buy flood insurance. To learn more about protecting your home, visit FloodSmart.gov.

■ Know your community’s evacuation plan, evacuation routes and how to receive alerts.

■ Stay informed about current conditions. Listen to local officials and evacuation orders.

■ Download an emergency weather app on your phone. Have backup power for your phone. Purchase a weather radio.

■ Keep all important documents in a waterproof container to take with you if you evacuate.

■ Repair any storm damage from past storms as these could make homes more vulnerable to damage.

For more information on storm and hurricane preparedness, go to Ready.gov/hurricane and ReadyNC.org .