Herbal remedies shop set to open

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Delightful Herbal Health manager Dylan Dieterle, left, and employee Noah Peters work to install LED lighting in merchandise display cases Tuesday at the new business on North Grace Street in Rocky Mount.


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Friday, May 17, 2019

Dylan Dieterle said he wants people to be able to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of marijuana without catching a buzz and ending up stoned.

Dieterle, 25, is manager of Delightful Herbal Health, which is going to be located at 600 N. Grace St., Suite C, just northwest of downtown.

Dieterle said the focus of Delightful Herbal Health is going to be on selling products without the non-addictive element found in marijuana, but he also said the business is going to be selling opioid replacements.

Dieterle, of Wilson, presently helps run the Smokers Palace cigar, cigarette and tobacco outlet at the Interstate 95-Raleigh Road Parkway interchange.

He spoke about Delightful Herbal Health being quite unlike other new businesses opening in Rocky Mount.

"The goal is to stand out, to really be different and help people that don't want to rely on pumping their body full of chemicals, that want to rely on a natural way that actually works — not just snake oil, but something that can actually physically help you," he said.

And he said his hope is the business is going to be the start of something for Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas.

"Just like there's a Walmart on every corner, there should be an herbal supplement shop on every corner," he said.

Delightful Herbal Health is going to be selling products containing CBD, or cannabidiol. The products are going to include edible forms similar to brownies, gummies and popcorn.

Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring, safe compound found in marijuana. CBD products do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, called THC, which causes the high when using marijuana.

Dieterle said the benefits of CBD products are an ability to help one deal with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, post-traumatic stress syndrome, sleeplessness and stress.

Dieterle also showed the business is going to offer CBD products for pets who suffer seizures.

He said the opioid replacement products are going to be all natural and offered in capsule and powder form from kratom, which is a tree native to southeast Asia.

He said such products are going to be for people suffering from severe pain, who have undergone surgery or who are recovering from heroin addiction.

Dieterle said he was hired to run the business after a regular at the Smokers Palace happened to know the people wanting to open Delightful Herbal Health. Dieterle said the Smokers Palace already had been branching out into CBD products.

Dieterle himself is an interesting story.

Originally from Melbourne, Fla., he left the Sunshine State when he was 8 years old because his family wanted to be near a relative in Wilson. 

He served four years stateside in the Army.

Then he decided to go to New Zealand, selling his car for approximately $2,000, getting a passport and visa and purchasing a one-way ticket.

"Honestly, it was on a whim," he said.

He said while in New Zealand, he worked by looking after a family’s children in the daytime and used his free time to travel throughout the island nation.

After returning to Wilson, he went to the Smokers Palace with a cousin seeking to buy a present for her boyfriend.

He said the boss asked her whether she wanted a job. He said she already had one but pointed out his availability for employment.

He said he has been working at the Smokers Palace for almost three years and intends to continue working there. He is going to have a person working at Delightful Herbal Health, Noah Peters.

Dieterle said Delightful Herbal Heath is owned by Patrick Ford.

Dieterle made clear his new job is not exclusively about greenbacks.

"Of course, I want to be successful here," Dieterle said. "I want to make money, but it's about helping people."

Plans call for a soft opening on Saturday at Delightful Herbal Health, with the official opening to follow on June 1. Plans are for the business hours to be from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and to be reachable by phone at 252-428-7426.

The business is on Facebook and also on the web at delightfulherbalhealth.com