City amends truck ban ordinance


Staff Writer

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Truckers are now allowed to park their big rigs behind their homes if they live on more than an acre of land, according to an ordinance recently amended by the Rocky Mount City Council.

The council at its most recent meeting adopted an amendment to the city’s Land Development Code that sets the maximum size of commercial vehicles and trailers that can be parked on residential properties.

The adopted ordinance now includes an allowance for commercial vehicles and trailers in excess of 25 feet in length, or 10,000 pounds gross-weight rating, to park in the rear yard behind the primary structure on lots having an area of one acre or more.

The change follows the recommendation of the city's Development Services Department, which is based on comments received through a series of public meetings.

If an owner’s property doesn't meet the specifications, they will be required to park their large commercial vehicles in an off-street parking lot that is specifically designed as a parking area or at an existing business that allows the parking of large vehicles.

During previous talks, Mayor David Combs said new businesses coming to the area would build their own parking lots so the real issue is owner-operated truck drivers.

Councilman Rueben Blackwell previously said since many of the truck drivers are black, it's a minority small business owner issue.

For more information on the ordinance, contact the Department of Development Services at 252-972-1172.