Edgecombe schools to host job fair for teaching leaders


Staff Writer

Monday, January 21, 2019

As the Opportunity Culture teaching model expands to historic proportions in Edgecombe County Public Schools, the school district is hosting its first job fair for teacher leadership positions on Saturday.

The Opportunity Culture Teacher Leadership Job Fair will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday in the atrium of Martin Millennium Academy at 400 East Johnson Street in Tarboro.

“We have not had a job fair for Opportunity Culture yet, so we are really excited about it. We are inviting anybody who is interested in Opportunity Culture teacher leadership positions in Edgecombe County,” said Erin Swanson, director of innovation for Edgecombe County Public Schools. “We are looking for people inside or outside the district. We have already opened the application process so folks can get on the website, learn more about the positions, and apply,”

Edgecombe County Public Schools began using Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture model during the last academic year and has already seen an improvement in growth for students at those schools. The school district is now expanding the model throughout the rest of the district.

“In the 17-18 school year we had Opportunity Culture up and running in all the Innovation Zone schools on the north side of the county,” Swanson said. “Those schools included North Edgecombe High School, Phillips Middle School and Coker-Wimberly Elementary School. This year, we added the Central Zone, which includes Tarboro High School, Patillo Middle School, Martin Millennium Academy and Princeville and Stocks elementary schools. In the 2019-20 school year, we plan to add most of the remaining schools.”

Once the program expands next year, the school district is set to make history.

“We will be first district in the nation to use Opportunity Culture district-wide,” Swanson said. “All of our schools, except the Edgecombe County Early College High School,  will be using the Opportunity Culture model.”

The school district is looking for three different kinds of teacher leaders who will make more money for serving in a leadership role.

 According to the school district website, multi-classroom leaders, also known as MCLs, “extend their impact by leading other adults and students. In Edgecombe County Public Schools, MCLs lead teams of one to four other teachers and teach students of their own.”

Multi-classroom leaders can earn up to $9,000 in differential salary.

Expanded impact teachers, also known as EITs, “plan and deliver in-person instruction for at least 33 percent more students than typical and take on additional instructional responsibilities on their team,” according to the school district website.

Expanded impact teachers can earn up to $6,000 extra per year.

Reach associates, also known as RAs, are higher level teaching assistants with a proven track record of student success. Unlike the other positions, this role does not require a teaching license, Swanson said. Reach associates can earn up to $1,000 more a year in differential salary.

Swanson said she is not yet certain how many employees will be needed to fill the positions next year.

“Some of our schools are now in the design process so we are working to determine which roles we will have available at each school,” Swanson said.

Anyone wishing to apply for these positions before the job fair on Saturday can go to http://ocecps.weebly.com/.