Jeweler sponsors scavenger hunt

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Joanne Carr, left, a professional salesperson with Bailey's Fine Jewelry, talks with Alyssa Cockrell about jewelry in the John Hardy collection on Tuesday at the store in Rocky Mount.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A longtime family-owned jewelry store in an effort to celebrate a milestone in business is giving people in the Twin Counties a chance to find some free jewelry around town.

Bailey’s Fine Jewelry in Rocky Mount that’s operating its 70th year in business is scattering 70 Bailey boxes through its “Finders Keepers”  concept. Bailey’s started the initiative in 2008 and the company has been doing it off and on for the past 10 years. 

Trey Bailey, co-owner of Bailey’s Fine Jewelry, said Finders Keepers involves each Bailey’s box to be filled with a piece of jewelry and placed in different places around Rocky Mount. A person who finds the box is rewarded by keeping the jewelry with no strings attached.

Bailey said Finders Keepers will continue through Christmas and people still have several chances to find a Bailey’s box as clues or hints on Finders Keepers’ locations are on Bailey’s social media platforms. 

He added boxes are being left in different restaurants around town as well as at parks, bus stops, shopping centers, churches and around N.C. Wesleyan College. The boxes contain a variety of pieces including pearl bracelets, necklaces, rings and designer jewelry that range in price from $25 to $150.

“It’s nice and wearable jewelry and that’s the idea behind this,” Bailey said. “Even though we hide them, we don’t hide them where people are having to tear up bushes or properties. We leave them about where people can usually find them within five to 15 minutes. It always been fun to see how surprised and shocked people look when they find a box. It’s just also great to see that instant gratification from them.”

Bailey said they has been astonished at some of the heart-warming letters it has received over the years from people that have found Bailey box gifts through Finders Keepers.

“We’ve gotten great and amazing stories of people that have given them to someone in need or someone who has had a tough time in their lives like going through cancer treatment,” Bailey said. “The most extreme we had was we had a couple people over the years send heart-felt letters to us and they made it seem like they were at a dark moment in their life. But getting the boxes or something that small made them feel like there was some luck on their side and changed their life views. It wasn’t the intent, but we’re so glad we could help.”

Bailey said the company is grateful for the support the local community has displayed since his grandmother, Ann W. Bailey, founded Bailey’s Jewelry with her husband in 1948. She has ran the company after his death and became the first female business owner in Nash County.

“Our goal is to always be the community jeweler and we do a little bit of everything such as repairs,” Bailey said. “We also sell things anywhere from $10 up to $100,000 and you wouldn’t think that in Rocky Mount. We’ve sold several items in the six-figure range in the last few years. Our business is really thriving right now in Rocky Mount, which is a surprise to say because I hear from other people that isn’t the case.

“I think Rocky Mount is a good community that supports local merchants as long as the public can feel that the people are sincere, authentic and working for them.”