Breakfast puts focus on agriculture


Marlowe Vaughan, executive director of Feed the Dialogue NC Foundation


Staff Writer

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A traditional event geared toward Nash County farmers will take place this week.

The 2018 Nash County Farm-City Week Breakfast sponsored by PNC Bank, the Nash County Farm Bureau and AgCarolina Farm Credit is scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday at the Farmers Market on Peachtree Street.

Nash County Extension Director Sandy Hall said the event will host about 180 people consisting of farmers, local business leaders, county officials and commissioners.

The purpose of the longtime event is to bring the city, county and farmers together to educate and continue the conversation about agriculture and its importance in the community.

According to the Nash County annual financial report, the county has more than 450 farming operations of various sizes. In recent years, Nash County’s annual estimated farm gross receipts is more than $200 million, which ranks the county in the top 15 among the state’s 100 counties for its agricultural production.

“Agriculture is a huge industry in Nash County and we’re among the top across the state,” Hall said. “We have a lot of big heavy-hitter farms in Nash County as well local small farmers, too.”

The guest speaker at the event will be Marlowe Vaughan, executive director of Feed the Dialogue NC Foundation. Vaughan is known for having a passion for educating consumers about agriculture and where their food comes from. Vaughan’s role includes communications, content development and promoting the dialogue between consumers and farmers.

“She is about starting and keeping the conversation going about the foods we eat and the farmers that grow the food to feed us,” Hall said. “She has an interesting approach to agriculture and this is a perfect marriage of what she is going to talk about and what the Farm-City Week Breakfast is all about.”

Hall said the theme of the Nash County Farm-City Week Breakfast is an opportunity to connect. She added one of the things that it plans to highlight is a calendar sponsored by the Nash County Farm Bureau that will showcase information about 12 local farmers.

“We wanted to get the information out and the awareness of what’s growing and what’s existing right in our own backyard,” Hall said. “There are so many people that have moved to our area and they don’t necessarily know what is growing in the fields or what local farmers out there are growing. This puts a face to the farm.”