Council delays truck parking ban


Staff Writer

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The wheels are turning slowly on a ban of parking commercial vehicles on residential property within the city limits of Rock Mount.

Enforcement of a new ordinance has been delayed indefinitely while the City Council tries to bring together truckers and complaining residents for a meeting.

City staff found two landowners willing to let truckers park their rigs. Including prior arrangements and the new spots, the number of available spaces is around 60. There's around 80 truckers who live in Rocky Mount, according to information provided by city staff during the council's Committee of the Whole.

Mayor David Combs said new businesses coming to the area would build their own parking lots so the real issue is owner-operated truck drivers.

Councilman Rueben Blackwell said since many of the truck drivers are black, it's a minority small business owner issue.

Councilman W.B. Bullock said they should reach out to business owners since around 25 of the drivers work for major companies.

"No matter how we do things, someone's going to be unhappy," Combs said.

At the regular meeting, for the first time in months, no one spoke during the public comment section.

The council approved a state grant to fund a portion of administrative, operating and capital expenses incurred by Tar River Transit. The total requested is $1.4 million with a local match of $344,856.