Select colleges waive application fees


From Staff Reports

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Students can save on college application costs by applying this week to a participating North Carolina college during College Application Week.

During this week, many North Carolina colleges and universities waive application fees. Edgecombe Community College, Nash Community College and nearby Barton College are among the schools that are waiving application fees.

“This week is part of a monthlong initiative called N.C. Countdown to College. During this month, financial aid administrators, nonprofits, high schools and many others are working hard to help high school seniors complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Residency Determination Service and college applications. This effort is especially targeted to first-generation college students to increase college-going in the state,” said Mary Lindsaye Boyd, an education communication specialist.

As part of College Application Week, hundreds of qualified volunteers, counselors and admission professionals will be at high schools across the state to help students apply to college. Participating North Carolina colleges will waive fees completely. Students applying to nonparticipating colleges may qualify for assistance through the College Board or ACT fee waivers.

“The college application process can be confusing and costly,” said Laura Morgan, vice president of communications, savings and legal affairs at the College Foundation of North Carolina. “Each college or university application typically comes with a fee, and those fees can add up quickly. College Application Week is an opportunity for students to get the help they need while saving money.”

Students who are interested in participating in College Application Week and N.C. Countdown to College should make a profile with the College Foundation, which assists students and families as they plan, apply and pay for college.

For additional information and resources, visit CFNC.org.